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Hey Everyone,

We’d like to announce the official launch of our affiliate program.

For those who don’t know what an affiliate program is it’s basically a way for you to make money be recommending RPG Maker to people online.

You make money and at the same time more people join the RPG Maker community.

If you have interested friends, a website, blog, or a big following on Twitter then this could be a great chance to promote something you enjoy using and earn money at the same time!

You’ll earn a 30% commission for anyone who ends up buying RPG Maker VX or XP through your affiliate links. So, if you sell a copy of VX you’ll make $18.

When someone clicks one of  your links a tracking cookie is assigned to them.
The cookie is good for 90 days so if they purchase within that time-frame you’ll get
the commission.

Note: Please do not spam people with affiliate links. If we catch anyone doing this they will be removed from our affiliate program.

Our affiliate program is run through a company called Plimus.
You’ll need to sign up there using the invitation links below.

RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker XP

We’ve put together a quick overview of the Plimus interface that will show you how to access your affiliate links.

This is the Plimus Affiliate Overview Page. You can see information about your affiliate sales and the products you are promoting. To get your links, click the product title link (red arrow)


This is what you see when you click that link. It’s got more information on the product you will be promoting. Click “full version” (red arrow) to go to the page with your affiliate links.

Here is a page with more details about the product as well as your affiliate links. You have the option of sending people to either the product info page or a buy now page. You can hide these long urls using anchor text.

Well, that wraps up our brief overview of the Plimus system. We are working on some affiliate resources (banners etc.) that will help you better promote RPG Maker.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Good Luck!

The RPG Maker Team

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  • Very nice instructions! Will the new materials pack for VX ever be included?

  • RMXP Blog said, “When someone clicks one of your links a tracking cookie is assigned to them. The cookie is good for 90 days so if they purchase within that time-frame you’ll get the commission.”

    Unless that person clears their cookies, or uses another computer, or a different browser at the time of purchase.

  • Hey Amanda,
    We hope to be adding them shortly.

    Thanks for the clarification Kage!

  • Awesome affiliation program, Enterbrain. 😀

    @Blog writer:

    Keep up the great work. Hopefully more people will get into the RPG Making scene.


  • Robin Porter

    I auume for this, you sign up as an affiliate and not a seller, right?