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For the last couple of years now, the driving force behind what is on this blog was whatever I thought would be a good idea at the time. I like to think that I still came out with some really nice stuff, but there have been a number of associated downsides with that. I know a good bit about RPG Maker, but there is still a lot of skills involved that I don’t have. I don’t know Ruby Script, and I don’t know how to create art or music. And I have a feeling that these are things that everyone wants to learn more about. On top of that, when I think of blog ideas, I generally gravitate towards ideas similar to ones I’ve had before.

So instead of trying to come up with more ideas, that will more than likely inspired by my old ideas, I thought I would open the floor to the fans: What do you want to see more of on the blog? Tell us about it! From vague ideas, to specific article concepts, fire away into the comments section below.

But what if you want to do more than that? Do you think you have knowledge in RPG Maker that could help our fans everywhere? That is why we are looking for…

Guest Bloggers

If you would like to create a guest article for our blog, you can email us at community@rpgmakerweb.com with the title “Guest Blog”. Included in this email should be a bit of information about yourself, and what you would like to write articles about. If your articles sound interesting, we will contact you so that you can begin the writing process.

Guest bloggers will also be allowed to provide links to their own games or blog to help promote their other works.

Together, I hope we can raise this blog to even higher standards. Please comment below with what you want to see us write!

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  • Matt

    What about a spotlight piece on users who have “started” with some of your products and have gone on to have careers in the field.

    It would be nice (as a father of a genius budding game builder) to see where this can take my son. Sure we hear about the BIG names in the industry though magazines and other media outlets but it is always nice to hear the story from the trenches. Ups and downs, games developed and ultimately games created could be covered.

    Just a thought, maybe I share this interest on my own!

  • I, personally, would like to see more blog posts and articles about using RPG Maker to design games and getting the most from it. I’d love to see some more tutorials that people can work through to see new ideas in games, and possibly inspire them to use them in their own games. The hardest part, which is the same for most people I think, is to actually come up with a game design for RPG Maker, and to follow it through to completion at a regular pace. Maybe some indie developers could run short tutorials of some of their game ideas – particularly for their popular games that have been out for a while – so that they can share their tips and tricks with others.

    I would like to take a moment to promote my own website (www.d-jumpers.com), based upon my game development process for the upcoming D-Jumpers CRPG. My website features extensive (i.e. wordy) posts detailing the development of the game following a combination of the RPG Maker tutorials available on this very website, and talks as much about the theory of games design as I do about how I am actually making the game.

    I mention my website – http://www.d-jumpers.com (in case you missed it before! :p ) – simply because this is a fine example of the sort of thing that I’d like to see on this website. However, my posts aren’t so much a tutorial or walkthrough project, as they are a step-by-step diary of my game’s development.

    • amerk

      Thanks for that link. We definitely need more “How To’s” that don’t rely on scripts.

  • I’d love to see interviews from those who have made games with RPG maker, or just game makers in general and get some ideas from those who have launched things in the past. Also you mention not being an artist/musician, but I’m sure you can interview those who are and generate some good content for people to consider. The guest blogger idea does just that as well.
    Also maybe doing a RPGMaker game of the week, where you take one of the many games that have been made and post a review of it and interview the creator(s). Tips and tutorials are always great too.

  • Kyle

    I would like to see deconstructions of various RPG’s that analyze strengths and weaknesses and how it all fits together. Maybe examining some of what built up the genre can spark ideas for the future.

    • That is actually a pretty cool idea. It especially gives me more reasons to play a bunch of RPGs, which I admit to loving to do.

  • amerk

    Near the end of the tutorial for VX, there was a brief statue pulling puzzle tutorial. Ace still seems to be in the works, but when (if) you ever venture back into creating tutorials for it, I’d like to see more blogs about map specifics and events.

    For maps, VX.net used to be chalk full of them, and it’d be nice to bring them here as a blog tutorial we can refer people to. Specific types would be for villages, cities, ports, space stations, caves, forests, mountain paths, prairies / fields, and deserts.

    For events, the same thing. VX.net used to have so many of these that didn’t rely on scripts. It’d be nice to see more event tutorials for new people that don’t rely on scripts that teach specific puzzle designs, teleports, dungeon escapes… as well as ways to event specific and interesting monster and boss fights.

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