Can’t Come to PAX East? We’ll Come to You!

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PAX East is here, and we’re all working away as fast as we can. But I know what you are thinking. “Man, why couldn’t I make it.” (And if you are here, what are you doing reading this? Get out there and enjoy the show!).

We have a one-two combo of PAX East goodness to bring a bit of the experience to your living room, office, local library, or wherever you may be!

First, we have the PAX East LEGENDARY LOOT GIVEAWAY. We partnered with CyberpowerPC, AMD, and LG to bring you so many amazing prizes, you won’t even know what to do with yourself. Win processors, monitors, games, Steam cash, and way way more, today.


And after you’ve entered there? Why not see the video game adaptation of our Booth (with a bit more shenanigans than the real thing), with our full free game: Harold Vs PAX East!

You are Harold, aspiring adventure, carried through a portal to PAX East! Where he must complete quests around the booth to release a dragon from dark sorcery! But there is more to things than meets the eye. Watch trailers, check out awesome game posters. Solve puzzles, and fight the ULTIMATE BATTLE. Can Harold live up to the strength of his idol, the Legendary Ralph? Only you can decide!


Made in 2 weeks, by our community Manager Nick Palmer (Hey, that’s me), with art from almost our entire Art team, Harold VS PAX East shows the basics of what RPG Maker MV can do! Made without any plugins, you can see the true power of eventing! It boosts around an hour of gameplay, and some tricky puzzles. Always be ready to think outside the box!

Are you ready for the digital PAX East! What are you hoping to win in the giveaway? What is your favorite part of our game? Having a bit of trouble with a puzzle? Just want to say hello? Join us in the comments section below!

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