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First, I’d like to thank everyone for participating in our Emotion in Motion Contest. We had a decent number of entries, and it was fun watching through them all. Because of this, EVERYONE gets a participation prize. If you sent in an entry, make sure to PM me (Touchfuzzy) on the official forums to receive a credit on your account. $5 for each participant, and $25 dollars for our winner!

And without further adieu, our winner:

Hahn Deathspark (as he is listed on youtube), centered his video on the emotion HOPE. And I’ll be honest. There were prettier videos in the contest. There were videos that were converted to video better (there is some blurriness from weird upscaling). But there weren’t any videos that captured the emotion it was going for quite like this one.

The story is cute, if a little cliche, and possibly also a bit unrealistic, but its also told with some nice tonal shifts in the music, and really keeps the emotion going all the way to the end.


Thank you again for everyone that participated, and we look forward to seeing what you all make next!

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