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It’s release day!  A continuing from last weeks theme, Karugamo delivers again with two more new fantasy BGM Packs!


Last week, our heroes traveled across fields and through dungeons, with BGM Pack 05, and visited towns and cities with BGM Pack 06, and now, with Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 07 we’re adding in the battles. 21 themes ideal for battles, moments of high energy, and darkness.

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (Coming Soon)


And for the final new Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack, number 08, it’s time to fill in all those dramatic scenes. 24 new themes, across a variety of different emotions and tones, to use with all those carefully written scenes in your game!

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (Coming Soon)


We also have a bunch of Steam Updates for Time Fantasy packs! Time Fantasy, Time Fantasy Monsters, and Time Fantasy Side-View Animated Battlers are all heading to Steam as RPG Maker MV DLC! Bring out the old school style with these fantastic retro pixel graphics!


Time Fantasy
Time Fantasy Monsters
Time Fantasy Side-View Animated Battlers


And our final bit of release news for the week: Light Novel Standard is being added as an MV and VX Ace DLC on Steam!

Steam (MV)
Steam (VX ACE)

And for our Deal of the Week: Pick up Heroine Character Pack 01 for 20% Off!


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