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Though it may come as a surprise to some of you, I grew up in a rural southern town with not a lot to going on. As a teenager I once described it as “you see a cow, a horse, a fence, and a barn, and you’ve seen the whole county.” To be fair, there were also chicken houses. Those things really smell by the way.

But one time of year I will always remember was the fall festival! Yes, it pretty much is how you imagine it… though probably a bit smaller, because honestly we really were that tiny. There was a parade that started near where I lived. They lined the horses up in a field next to my house. Unfortunately, this meant I was stepping in things for months afterwords when I went through that field, but hey, horses are cool. The parade ended at the chamber of commerce, where tons of little stands were set up to get your face painted, or buy those little popper things you throw at the ground (or really each other, we were kids, of course we threw them at each other). There was even live music. That I generally hated, because even with my background, I’ve never been too folksy.

So with this time of year coming around again, I don’t really have a Fall Festival to go to. I’ve moved into a small city, and this time of year is more for going to wacky halloween parties than Festivals. So let’s bring the Fall Festivals to the internet!

Contest Rules:

You have a little over 3 weeks. The contest deadline for submissions is the end of November 7th at Midnight GMT. There are only six rules:

  1. You must make a game (I.E. there must be some kind of gameplay)
  2. It must be between 15 minutes and 1 hour long.
  3. It must have a Fall Festival theme.
  4. It must be made in RPG Maker XP, VX, VX Ace, or Lite
  5. It CANNOT be a turn based RPG. It can be action, minigame, or even a visual novel, it just cannot be a turn based RPG.
  6. You must properly credit any materials you use and have the rights to use them.

You will submit your compressed game (do not encrypt the copy you send to me, trust me, I won’t steal anything, I just want to see how you do certain things.) to community@rpgmakerweb.com with the title of “Fall Festival Contest Entry”. Partners/Teams are allowed, but remember: THE PRIZES ARE INDIVIDUAL, WHO GETS WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK OUT YOURSELVES.

Tell them about the prizes!

We have some great prizes, and really, one of them is what really brought me back to my childhood days in rural Georgia (the US state, not the Country. Russians have never invaded my homeland). I know some people have seen some of it, but I believe this is the first real public reveal of Celianna’s upcoming resource pack:

so7mThis resource pack will include:

  • Full TileA-E for exterior and interior tiles
  • 4 seasons for the exterior tiles
  • 208 large and small icons
  • 33 crops to grow with 3 growth stages
  • 8 ores to mine
  • 6 tools made in 4 different materials
  • Evented time system
  • Time + health + equipment slot HUD
  • Character sprites
  • Action sprites (using tools) for the main characters
  • Animal sprites
  • 12 different Windowskins to use as pictures
  • Extras for parallax mapping

But let’s get a couple of shot of thems in use (click to enlarge):


Awesome right? I got the pleasure of watching her stream the creation of some of these tiles, and in all honesty, even watching, I still have no idea how she does it.

Prize Packages:

1st Place: 1 Copy of the Rural Farm Tiles as soon as they are finished (Possibly before actual Release!) + 1 Copy of any 1 digital item in our store

2nd Place: 1 Copy of the Rural Farm Tiles as soon as they are finished (Possibly before actual Release!) + 1 Resource Pack of your choice

3rd Place: 1 Copy of the Rural Farm Tiles as soon as they are finished (Possibly before actual Release!)

OK, everyone, GET TO MAKING! I want to play some fun games!

Any questions on the rules? Excited about the Rural Farm Tiles? Just want to be general excited? Join us in the conversation below!


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  • Tabitha

    Ooh! I’m super excited about this!

  • I’m totally doing this. When do you want it finished? Also, would it be okay if it is just a tiny bit longer than an hour?

    • the 15 minutes-1 hour is a rough guideline. If it takes me 1 hour 10 minutes I’m not going to be crazy about it :P. Just don’t send me a 5 hour game.

  • DancingDrake

    This is a super cool idea. Is there any place you would suggest to go to read up on this sort of festival and what happens in most of them (beside form what you mentioned) as where I come from in Australia we have agricultural shows and stuff that I think is similar but I just want to make sure that I am thinking along the right lines.

    • Yeah, Agricultural festivals are pretty similar. If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation, the Harvest Festival episode is very very Fall Festival.

  • We don’t have any “real” festival in France during fall. Can I imagine my own festival or does it to have be related to farm stuff ? (sorry for my bad english).

    I’m just asking about some details.

    • As long as its generally festival related and in fall, it makes sense to me. Especially since Fall Festivals aren’t universal.

  • Cool ! Can I join ? 😀 I’m from Viet Nam! I have a question, How I can send the game to you? Can I use some scripts in the internet for my game?

    • As long as the resources are properly attributed and you have the legal right to use them, scripts are fine. And submissions are done through email. If the file is too large to attach you can upload it somewhere and link it to me.

  • Hello ! An other question 🙂 I’m not good in English. I see the topics of this contest is make a game about farm, right ?

  • chaos17

    Are you going to release the demos to the publics ?
    If yes, I would prefer that ou would release a crytped demo of my game (if I join of course).

    • I said I wasn’t going to share the unencrypted games. You can post up the encrypted version wherever you wish.

      • chaos17

        Thanks for the reply and I’m sorry to have missed this information.

  • PK

    My friend sent this to me a while ago. I’m currently applying for Digipen University, and this could be a great test to see how my entrance game does. 🙂

  • Deilin

    entry sent

  • Black_Clone

    I tried to sending my entry numerous times this morning (I’m from Australia) but it wouldn’t send. Does this mean I can’t enter anymore? Because I put a lot of time into this and would be disappointed if it was for nothing.

    • Did you try uploading it somewhere and then linking to it there? I’ll be downloading them tomorrow before I start streaming for Extra Life, so if its there when I do that I’ll go ahead and count it.

  • Oh no! I’m late! My game is only complete 30%! Maybe I should wait to the next time! 😀

  • Mya

    Wow, I would love to know when the Pack will be available for purchase. Thank you!

    • I believe she is taking a break from moderating our forums right now to finish it up, so hopefully very soon.