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Thanks to everyone who participated in our Free-For-All blog contest!

We received a lot of blog posts. Honestly, a lot more than I expected, and judging took longer than I thought because so many were so good! I kept finding it hard to cut down to just 5 Super Prizes.

But first, lets announce the Grand Prize Winner!

Chicken Soup for the RPG Fan’s Soul

We loved this blog post because it told a story from beginning to end and really felt it addressed so many things about RPG Maker that is wonderful. Congratulations!

And now, for our Super Prize Winners!

My RPG Maker Journey thus far…

A short (lieeees) origin story: Indrah and Rpg Maker

RPG Maker and Me

RPG Maker and a Developer’s Dream

RPG Maker

Congratulations to all you guys as well!

And for everyone who wants to see all the rest of the entries, let’s get his long list started!

Letter from the Director

RPG Maker and Me.

My way to RPG Maker

RPG Maker Free-For-All Weekend!

My adventures with RPG Maker

RPG Maker And ME !

RPG Maker

Dusty Tome

RPG Maker

RPG Maker Makes it Easy to Game

RPG Maker and Me

(SPECIAL POST) Developer’s Game Development Story

RPG Maker Free-For-All


The Sequel to Zendir

pdp2’s posterous

RPG Maker Love

RPG Maker

An ode to RPG Maker~<3

RPG Maker

RPG Maker

RPG Maker Free for All Weekend

What RPG Maker means to me /a>

What This Blog Is About

Hello All

Still working on my RPG Maker game

A Game For My Wife

Make your own game with RPG maker

RPG Maker and Me

As you can see, it was a lot of work filtering through all these.

Claiming your prize!

In order to claim your prize, sign in on the forums (our sign up if you haven’t already) and send a PM to The Almighty Potato with a link to your specific blog post. I will award the prizes as fast as I can as I get the PMs

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