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One of the really cool things about the RPG Maker communities to me has always been the diversity of the members. People from around the world grasp onto our product to achieve their dreams. Through the community I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with people from Europe, Asia, South and Central America, Africa, Australia… well pretty much everywhere.

But RPG Maker until now has only been in English and Japanese. True, English is a widespread language, and it is spoken as a second, third, or even fourth language by a very large population of the world, but I think we can do better. That is why I’m happy to announce that soon, RPG Maker will be available in three new languages: French, German, and Spanish. Not only that, but right around the corner are two more translations: Italian and Portuguese.

Five more localizations! These languages are official languages in 63 nations around the world!

Countries where French, Spanish, German, Italian, or Portuguese are an official language. (Note: Some of these countries have multiple official languages)

Note: A portion of these countries have multiple official languages

Let’s talk a little bit about how big that is. Right now, RPG Maker is available in the native language of 457 million people around the world. These five new localizations will allow an additional 819.3 million people to potentially use RPG Maker in their native language, for a total of over one and a quarter BILLION people, nearly 18% of the total population.

Do you speak English as a second language? Is RPG Maker coming out now in your native tongue? Have an idea on what languages we should work on next? Join the conversation below in the comments section.


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