Indie Game Making Contest 2014 Winners!

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Congratulations to all our entrants. With over 800 of you, it took longer than we expected to go through them all, so we thank you for your patience. This contest has ben more successful than we could possibly have imagined. We would also like to thank our internal judges, as well as our Celebrity Judges, Ed Greenwood and Sabre, and the entire Humble Bundle team for their participation in making this contest a true success.

We’re also pleased to announce an additional prize category: Humble Bundle Judge’s Choice! Winners of this category will receive gifts from our friends at the Humble Bundle store.

For more information about our winners, go to our IGMC main page!

Grand Prize Winner

Remnants of Isolation by Red_NovaRemnants of Isolation Grand Prize

RPG Category Winners

 1st Place: Antagonist by NivlacRPG 1st Place Antagonist

2nd Place + Celebrity Judge’s Choice: Last Word by MerlandeseRPG 2nd Place Last Word

3rd Place: Cope Island by ZdsRPG 3rd Place Cope Island

Humble Bundle Choice: Exeunt Omnes by Adam HasversExeunt Omnes

Non-RPG Category Winners

1st Place: Daemon Detective: Gaiden by YalNonRPG 1st Place Daemon Detective Gaiden

2nd Place: Oh! Ko! by mostly uselessNonRPG 2nd Place Oh! Ko!

3rd Pace: Little Briar Rose by FlameNonRPG 3rd Place Little Briar Rose

Celebrity Judge’s Choice: Goats on a Bridge by CabygonGoats On a Bridge

Humble Bundle Choice: The Vendor by GalenmerethThe Vendor

Prizes and results

  1. Curious about your score? We are in the process of refining comments for the games and will be offering scores to participants starting this weekend. All you have to do is e-mail and we’ll get back to you with your score(s) ASAP, starting Sunday.
  2. Details on participation prizes and other prize packages will be distributed starting this week. We will begin contacting the winners tomorrow via the e-mail addresses provides on the contest platform. If you have any questions, you can e-mail or PM Deckiller here on the forums.
  3. We also have a lengthy list of giveaway winners from the contest. Be sure to check your e-mail/forum messages for free product keys!
  4. Our team will be reviewing and streaming as many of the winners as possible in the coming weeks. Please visit the RPG Maker Web Blog for more info!

Lastly, we wanted to thank everyone again for your participation and patience: we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.  We’re excited to see what everyone cooks up in our next event!

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