Manga Maker ComiPo! Major Update Preview!

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Manga Maker ComiPo! is the easy way for anyone to make comics, and it is about to become even better.

A major update is on the way, and we’re going to look at two cool new features in this preview.

If there has been one thing plaguing Manga Maker ComiPo! It was a lack of diversity. Well that lack is now gone. Now you can create your own Manga version of an Andy Warhol painting.


This update makes changing the skintone of your characters super duper easy. All you have to do is select the piece in your frame and open up the change skin color box. From there, you can quickly choose one of the presets, or really get into it and adjust the tone manually with RGB sliders.


With this new, easy to use tool, bringing the diversity of the world to your comic has never been easier!

And for the second new feature: ComiPo now includes a quick way to create animated GIFs and AVI files from the frames of your comic!


All you have to do is click File => Export to Movie and pick a few simple options!


And you have a GIF ready to go. You can also quick tweet GIFs out using the existing tweet feature.

This opens up a lot of creative freedom to make comics in ways that are unique to the digital medium.

This update is coming soon for existing owners of ComiPo! If you haven’t had the chance to check out ComiPo! this is as good of time as any to jump in. Learn more on Steam!




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