New Releases: Spirits of Nature: Enemy Pack, Beautiful Relaxing Piano Music

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Another Thursday, another day of RPG Maker Resource Pack Releases! Let’s look at what we have this week!


The Spirits of Nature: Enemy Pack is the perfect release for those working in a more fairy tale location. The spirit of the lands itself will rise up to defend itself, with nature themed wolves, rats, and snakes, but also flower creatures, mushrooms, and many others! Get 11 new side-view and 9 new front-view nature themed battlers for your game!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!


The Beautiful, Relaxing Piano Music is exactly what it says on the box. Featuring 12 new songs for your game, this pack of slow drifting piano music is designed to give the serene, relaxing scenes of your game the atmosphere that they deserve.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

And over to our Steam Store updates! Dystopia makes its way to Steam, and Hiroki Kikuta’s the Calm and the Fury are added for RPG Maker VX Ace!

And to finish things off this week, enjoy our Deal of the Week: the Nightmares Music Pack for 50% off until October 11th!


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