RPG Maker VX Ace Release

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Simple enough for a child; Powerful enough for a developer

Prepared for RPG Maker VX Ace? Ready to step your games up to the next level?

Over the last couple of weeks we covered how Ace brings out its power in character customization, mapping, and with its Region IDs, but now we are here to answer the most important question you’ve been asking: When can I get my hands on a copy?

The closed beta has already started, and we are hard at work ironing out the final bugs so that you can be up and using the new engine. Ace will launch internationally on digital distribution for $90(USD) on:

March 15th, 2012

Preorders will start on March 1st, which will net you a discount and some cool bonuses!

With enhanced mapping, eventing, scripting features, and an expanded graphics and sound package, RPG Maker VX Ace will be the definitive RPG Maker for years to come. Don’t miss this one!

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  • Whoo-hoo!

    There was talk about contest entrants getting special discounts when will we be getting notifications about this?

    • I’ll make sure you have your discounts ready before the 15th (and also make sure you get the preorder bonus), I promise.

      • Thank you for the quick response. I’m sure I’ll be preordering anyways, but I appreciate the offer for the preorder bonuses.

        • There is going to be a bunch of empty banks come March 1st!! There is going to be a stampede to get Ace. and those bonuses. I need more Bonuses too!

          • This include mine, gonna buy this and a new computer, all my $1000 down the chute.

  • Brian

    WOO! 🙂 Finally got a date 😉 15th seems like an eternity from now but we can start the official count down now at least. Thanks Nick for the updates and features as well. I will be placing my pre-order asap on the 1st. Any details on the specifics on the bonuses for doing so? I guess now you can just direct people asking about the release date to this announcement instead of (for the billionth time) saying “soon”.

    • I can’t tell you what the bonuses will be yet. (Like, literally I can’t tell you, I don’t know what they are yet either)

  • Mike

    Any idea how much of a discount the pre-order gets you? :o?

    • That will be announced closer to the preorder date.

  • Daniel

    Woohoo I’m very excited! I kinda’ wish there was two RTP types though, one with 2 square tall sprites/layouts with XP and then the 1 square tall sprites/layouts from VX. I prefer the XP style and I’m aware than VX can use 2 square sprites as well, it’s just kind’ve a hassle to deal with.

    Will VX Ace have easier use for using non-native sprite layouts?

    • You mean like different sprite animation frames? Not natively, but I know of a script for Ace that does it in a really user friendly way.

      • Daniel

        Thank you for the reply. How about adding in extra native battle system scripts in that we can choose from? I know how much you love Dragon Quest (I grew up with Dragon Quest too) but I also grew up with Final Fantasy, and I absolutely love the ATB gauge side view battle way more than turn based first person, no matter how much easier it is to deal with.

        Will you guys include more default scripts for us to choose and play with, or perhaps release your own scripts down the line for us who are bad at Ruby? I would love to have an official Enterbrain RPG Maker 2003 style script for ATB sideview battle system and an opening for extra side view battle sprites. I find my self going back to RPG Maker 2003 more than XP or VX simply because I love the ATB side view that much.

        • There are already some good sideview scripts for Ace made by fans. I think the DBS (default battle system) is great because it makes such a good base for makers to add onto.

  • Oh yeah !!!! Why it so too long ??? :((((((((((((
    I can’ wait I can’t wait :)))

  • Nil

    Can’t wait for this, very excited! Been keeping close track of it and it looks fantastic.

    I read in the Facebook page that current (or at least recent) owners of VX will get a discount for Ace. Does it compound with the pre-order one?

    • I’ll have to get more info on this one, I’ll try to get back to you soon.

      • Devon

        Hey I was totally wondering, like the other RPG Makers, will Ace also come with that free 30 day trial thing like always? Thanks. I’m a total VX fan and I think the newest version will be even better!

        • Yep

          • Devon

            And, it’s the 15th! How much hours left for the countdown?

  • cool, looking forward to the release, is there a full features list anywhere yet? Would love to see exactly what will be available in VXAce 🙂 will also be preordering.

  • Abhijeet

    What is the cost? Is it still being set or did I miss something?

  • Michael Ponder Jr

    Wow… 90$?
    Good thing i got the Japanese version…
    It costed more, but it was worth it cause it had the extras… but this is not a lot better… so basically regular VX is gonna stay 60 and XP 30….. so.. yeah.. lol.. that’s quite a bit… what’s it come with? any extras? extra content? i can’t justify 90 bucks for the program and RTP tends to be free… so there has to be something extra for such a price…

    • Nathanial

      Yes, we’re going to have some extras for the digital version. 🙂

      • Nathanial

        You also think the DS graphics was worth almost $100 more eh?

        • Michael Ponder Jr

          Umm.. i dunno.. i have not kept up with the DS RPG makers.

          • He was likely referring to the DS graphics that came bundled with the Japanese release (kinda).

          • des

            hahahha bro you totally just copped to using a pirated version.

        • No, but the conveniently sized box that fits tkool promotional materials from Yodobashi was.

    • Paul Walker

      There is something extra for the 30 dollars. The ability to use more than one tileset, built in ability to have party members follow you on the map, able to have a party of more than 4 characters (Although only 4 can be active at a time). A Limit Break system built into the default combat engine, plus a lot more. This is a whole new maker and comes with well more than an additional 30 dollars worth of content. (As opposed to VX’s 60 bucks).

  • RM

    Ace is looking terrific, and I’m very excited that it is coming out so soon.

    Would love for you guys to do a preview article on the character art creation feature I’ve heard this is going to have–as someone who doesn’t want to use pure default graphics but can’t draw at all, that’s one thing I’m very, very interested in for this one.

    • I’ll mark that as next week’s preview.

      • RM

        Very cool. I’ll wait with anticipation. ^_^

  • Excellent timing! I was just about to purchase the Japanese version for the features and content alone. I can wait a couple weeks 🙂

  • Greg

    Any info on upgrade pricing? For those of us who are new(er) to the community and just dropped $40-$50 on RMVX, dropping another $90 (or even $40-$50) at this point is crazy. Will there be an option to pre-order a digital upgrade?

    • Paul Walker

      Ace is a whole new maker, not an upgrade. The “VX” part of the name may be misleading, but don’t let it fool you. This is not an expansion pack or upgrade. It is a whole brand spanking new Maker. Like going from a Game Boy Advance SP to a Nintendo DS. There will be a discount for VX users, but you may end up paying an additional 40-50 bucks despite the discount.

      • Greg

        Is there any way to pre-order with the VX discount?

  • marty

    Well, I hope VXacer is better. because:

    1. RPG maker XP: Front view battle system.
    2.RPG maker 2000: Front view battle system.
    3.RPG maker 2003: side view battle system.
    4.RPG maker VX: front view battle system.

    I also hope that we could have a better EasyRPG eboot better than the old wont that would work for rpg maker VX and VXacer games for the psp,3ds it would make us a lot happier and make it a lot easier to use.

    • Paul Walker

      VX Ace is a front view battle system. The addition of backgrounds in combat (both the top and bottom are customizeable), and the addition of a “Limit Break” type system are the only changes I’m aware of to the combat system. Although there are changes with how attributes and stats are handled.

      The idea of exporting Ace games to different formats is being considered, but is still under consideration. Nothing has been decided upon. If anything I believe it’d be XNA or iOS/Android.

      • marty

        I know about the rpg maker VXace, because I have the trial verson with half translated to english. I know it has front view battle system. I tested it all out. You guys are the best at what you do. I really want to buy a real copy disc verson of rpg maker VXace. Because i really want to support you guys for your time into making the rpg maker programs. But I tryed to buy the old VX from your website but you guys didn’t accept my direct express master card. So I gave up.

        • Paul Walker

          Only the Japanese version offers a real disc, International releases are digital only. If you were trying to buy it from the Japanese website and it didn’t accept it, that’s something else entirely.

          If you want a localized version, digital is the only way to go about it.

          If you’re saying that “Oh you won’t accept my credit card so I will pirate it.” that’s not an excuse. You can try a different method of payment or live without the tool altogether.

  • And I just purchased VX… Oh well I’m not too far in my personal project anyway so I’ll think about getting it depending on the preorder bonuses and discount. And I hope I’ll be able to get Xfire In-Game to work with this one, it would be cool to be able to stream some world-building experience.

  • Will this version have the capability of exporting to XNA or Visual Studio?

    • Its an option we are looking into as a separate product to work with Ace. At the moment we don’t know if its going to happen, but it is a thing we are looking into seriously.

      • Paul Walker

        As I’ve said a million times. I’d definitely drop money (or appreciate a free version) of a tool to let me export to XNA or other devices. Thanks for looking into it!

  • Shadow Aura

    Will VX Ace use the same activation method as VX currently does? I’m mostly curious as I had/have great trouble with trying to activate VX and hoping to not have to go through that mess again.

    • Biddy

      The problem isn’t because of the software. Are you using Windows 7? There are a lot of activation issues if your computer is using that. I also had that problem.

      • Paul Walker

        I use Windows 7 and have had no problems with activating VX or XP. From what I understand the activation process will be similar/the same. It may be a problem with your Firewall, but without any further information (such as an error message) there’s not much else I could do to help you.

        • Shadow Aura

          Specifically in my case, there is no error message. It just sits at connecting for however long I let [had it going for 16 hours at one point].

          No firewall, no UAC, no av, no anti-spyware, no router. Occurs on every pc in household [Win7 and Vista both 64bit and 32bit systems, we don’t have any XP boxes left running, and I was never motivated enough to try through wine]. About only step I haven’t taken is trying to get it to run at Ring-0 [which I’m now thinking may help… blargh].

          This isn’t really the appropriate place to attempt to troubleshoot the problem however.

          I was mostly just hoping that a better activation method is being used for Ace.

  • Jake

    Where can we go to pre-order and how much do we have to pay as a minimum pre-order fee?

    • Paul Walker

      The Pre-Order will be available on the rpgmakerweb.com website from what I understand. I also believe you would pay the full price to pre-order it. It’s more like pre-ordering something on Amazon or elsewhere, you pay the full price and get it immediately upon launch. Not 5 bucks here and pay the rest on launch (a la Gamestop).

  • chris

    Anything for those of us who have just (2 weeks ago) bought VX at full price?

    • Paul Walker

      Based on posts from Facebook, there will be a discount for VX users. Although it is still unknown at this time whether or not the VX discount will be able to be used in addition to the pre-order discount.

  • Eric

    1) How have you been?
    2) Is there an FAQ that answers my questions so I don’t have to bug you?
    3) Can we get a trial version download now or will we have to wait until pre-order or release dates?
    4) Can we activate the full version from the trial version or will we need to download the full version then activiate upon or after the purchase date (March 15th)?
    5) I cannot explain how eager I am to get my hands on the offical English release version. I have only recently become aware of the VX Ace release in Japan and I am very happy to hear an English release is coming so soon. The $90 price tag is a bit steep but if I can get the full feature list (like iOS, Andriod, and XNA export support) I might be able to justify to my wife why I’m spending so much on a “hobby”.

    I am certain that if you can explain to your bosses just exactly how important it is to us that we get the trial version in our hands they’d give you and us a better idea as to the trial version release date. And please, please stress to them that the sooner the better it is. I really want to get my hands on it and I will be pre-ordering. If I could pre-order right NOW I would. I would literally, at this moment, enter pre-order information, click the buy button, and lose sleep until I could download it, instead of writing this.

    And please also send this message to the Enterbrain folks. Thank you so much for doing this in the most sincere way I can say it.

    • 1. Tired and excited. The Ace release buildup work is both draining and energizing me.
      2. There is a FAQ but nothing for Ace yet.
      3. Release date is when you can get the trial.
      4. EN trial version will be the same download as the full version, you just need the full version key.
      5. Just buy your wife a moped or something, she will be too happy to complain (It worked with my wife, and hey, the thing is fun to ride around on myself :D)

      The problem with trying to get the trial version out earlier than the release date is that we have pretty much given ourselves just enough time to get all the bugs ironed out of the Beta version. So we just won’t HAVE a trial version to give you until then. (Basically what I’m saying is that we are getting a good version to you guys as soon as possible)

      • Eric

        How do I get my hands on beta? I need this. Now. I’m foaming at the mouth, biting at the bit, the chains that bind me are starting to stretch thin. They’ve called the vet but she can’t do anything to help. Get me the beta! LOL!

        • Closed Beta. We’ve already selected all the people to participate.

          • Eric

            You have not made my bad, sir. Well, you did by giving us a release date, price point, answering our questions, being all cool and stuff. But you get this face:


          • Eric

            Day not bad… wth was I thinking?

            ಠ╭╮ಠ to me too.

  • David

    Aww, I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the three weeks between my VX trial expiring and ACE being released.

    I sincerely hope you guys add an option to skip the title screen when doing a playtest. If I want to test one small thing, it’s annoying wasting those extra seconds.


  • Nico

    Discount is subjective, and bonuses can be interpreted… So what are the Bonuses?

    • Paul Walker

      They’ll be revealed closer to the March 1st date.

  • Jdkle309

    Will there be a Mac version?

    • At this time, no.

    • Paul Walker

      There are ways to emulate Windows on your PC and run RPG Maker off of there.

    • Jay Doiron

      RPG Maker (all versions) do not run on Apple MAC OS but they can work on MAC if it has PC Boot in MAC like parallel part of MAC OS. Windows XP runs under MAC OS X then can run RPG Maker VX Ace in that OS. Because Apple MAC has Intel inside.

  • Martin

    Hi Nick Palmer
    I just got the trial version of VX 2 days ago and got done with the VX Tutorial Series (nice job on making the tutorial guys). Just started to put together a game base off of what I learn from the tutuorials. What I would like to know is this.

    1 Is VXace going to have a Tutorial Series like rpg maker vx did?
    2 I’m liking the program (rpg maker vx) and thinking of buying it.

    But just found out about this VXace coming out soon (got the info about it in an e-mail), so I’m not sure what to do. Wait for VXace to come out and buy that one or stay with rpg maker vx as I’m getting to know how to use that program. How easy will it be for someone (like me) to learn rpg maker vx over rpg maker VXace (the learning curve for between to two programs) will be. As I just started so I don’t know much about them.

    3 When VXace comes out on the March 15 will it be in English as I don’t know any Japanese?


    • 1. Yes, I will be writing a tutorial series for it personally. Its going to be done with a project through another website, but I will link them on the facebook and twitter. (and we will host them on the main site as well later)

      2. I would wait. Since you just got the trial version of VX, you still have plenty of time. Just wait until we have the 30 day trial version of Ace and then you can play with that for a while, too. (we will have the trial version of VX Ace up before you VX trial ends). Then you can make the decision for yourself.

      3. Yes, it will be a fully English translated version. We are currently cleaning it up in Beta testing (thanks to all the hard work of my beta test team btw, they are great)

      • Martin

        Thanks for the tips and I look forward to your Tutorial Series for VX ace

  • Honestly, this looks more like VX was just upgraded than revamped enough to call it a separate product. And for $90? Seems a bit pricey just for a few new tools. Not trying to be super negative but from a realistic standpoint this does seem a tad high for a slightly better version of the same program.

    • Well, I will say I personally do think its worth it, but its up to each person to decide whether it is worth it to them personally.

      Luckily, we have 30 day free trials, so everyone can make that decision for themselves. (I really encourage you to try the EN trial when we release it, there are so many new features its hard to even cover them all.)

      • I will probably take advantage of that trial period then to put the new tools through their paces. Though I do have one question. Would it be possible to import VX projects into VX Ace?

        • Not natively, but I’ve seen a fan made conversion program, but its not perfect, and scripts won’t be carried over(as that would be nearly impossible to do automagically).

      • KageKazumi

        It is not worth it. Why? Because Enterbrain is just ripping their valued customers off when they can release an update. You only say that BS because you get paid to.

        • I suggest, sir, that you calm down.

          I have said that people who are on the fence should try the 30 day free trial. That they should get a good idea of what the program can do before dropping money on it.

          I’m not sure how you can be offended by me suggesting that someone protect themselves from buyers remorse by taking advantage of a completely FREE option, with no loss to themselves.

          That is how much I believe in VX Ace. I don’t have to sell it. It sells itself.

          Thank you, have a nice day, and please stop harassing the other commenters.

    • Paul Walker

      The ability to use more than one tileset natively is worth 30 bucks by itself. But hey, the character creation system, Limit Break system, battle backgrounds with top and bottom customizable, and the changes to how Attributes/Weaknesses are handled also helps make that $30 difference worth it. There’s plenty more added to it as well.

      Trust me. Ace is worth every penny.

  • Huzzah! I know my lil brother has also been looking forward to VX Ace (I got him hooked on the translated Japanese trial alone), and personally I’ve been almost unable to wait for it.
    Thanks for the release date info, though I’m still wondering what these “bonuses” will eventually be. e.e

    I want to know nowwwwwwww, Nick *whiny voice*.

  • OMG, i really cannot wait to pre-order Ace.

  • Robin Porter

    Will ace also feature backgrounds based on tile?

    You mentioned changable damage defence based on equipment… Can we set up dice damage/defence based on equipment? It’s been my biggest disappointment with battles. Using common events to simulate dice can get tedious…

    • Paul Walker

      You mean like 3D6, 2D12, 1D4, etc.?

      • Robin Porter

        Yeah. One one game, none of the weapons or skills do set damage. They all call up a “roll” event. One set of events for party rolls, and one set for enemy rolls. The common event list is attroscious.

        • Paul Walker

          True, the formulas for RPG Maker’s default battle system are listed in the Help File and the formulas used are based off of your four core stats (Strength, Agility, Magic, and Defense). The combat system is simple, and doesn’t compliment a D20 ruleset at all. You’ll need to stick with common events or come up with a script system that overrides the default formulas and uses your own.

          • Robin Porter

            I guess I could always rewrite the scripts to be to be:
            ((ATK-9) x rand (SPI) = Attack
            rand (DEF) = defence

            ATK -9 because you have a basic 10 attack even if you add nothing to it.

          • Robin Porter

            def make_attack_damage_value(attacker)
            damage = (((attacker.atk – 9)+1)*(rand(attacker.spi)+1)-(rand(self.def)+1)
            damage = 0 if damage 0 @critical = (rand(100) < attacker.cri) # critical hit?
            @critical = false if prevent_critical damage *= 2 if @critical end
            damage = apply_guard(damage)
            @hp_damage = damage

        • Robin Porter

          I know this wasn’t the place for it, but I rewrote the scripts to be rolls I can work with.

      • Robin Porter

        Common Event: 2d4 – 1d4
        control variables: [0010:roll] = Random No.(1…4)
        control variables: [0011:Attack] = variable: [0010:roll]
        control variables: [0010:roll] = Random No.(1…4)
        control variables: [0011:Attack] += variable: [0010:roll]
        control variables: [0010:roll] = Random No.(1…4)
        control variables: [0011:Attack] -= variable: [0010:roll]
        Conditional Branch: Variable [0011:Attack] Control Variables: [0011:Attack] = 1
        Branch End
        Change Enemy HP: Entire Troop, – Variable [0011:Attack]

        This ment 1v1 battles. You could switch your active battler in battle, but it was still limiting. And no, it wasn’t one of those pokemon hack jobs you can find on the net.

        As you can see, all had a common 1d4 defence as well, and didn’t really allow for criticals, unless I programmed one in (which I did on some).

    • masterlobo

      no it won’t feature tile based BGs BUT there’s already an easy to use plug and play script for that 🙂

      • Robin Porter

        I know jet posted one for maps using @map_id.map_id
        I tried to mod it in a seperate script for @area_id.map_id, but am to scared to see if it works.

        But my, maps in a game I’m developing has multiple scapes in each map (100×100 to 300 x 300 maps).

        The biggest problem i have with all this scripting is not the language, the language is easy. It’s knowing what the variables are to begin with.

      • Robin Porter
  • KageKazumi

    RPG Maker VX Ace is a bunch of BS. WHy don’t you create a new original maker instead of FORCING people to pay for basically an updated version RPG Maker VX!

    • Paul Walker

      Because it isn’t simply an upgraded version of RPG Maker VX. It is an entirely new maker. Do some research and discover all of the new features and compare them to the feature sets between XP and VX or between 2003 and XP. You’ll find around the same amount of changed content, if not more. Just because they’re utilizing the same RTP and keeping VX in the title doesn’t mean it’s simply an upgrade.

      Your ignorance is showing, and it isn’t becoming.

      • Paul Walker

        Oh, and FYI. There are added graphics to the RTP. They’re not throwing away the old RTP, they added to it. The only thing close to an “upgrade” there is.

        More than one tileset, a limit break system, improved variables, battle backgrounds that can have the top and bottom edited, a character sprite maker built into the maker, shadow editor, these and more features are included.

        • KageKazumi

          Don’t BS me. A few extra graphics and features and a crappy name (couldn’t even just call it something else) is BS and your the ignorant one.

          • Paul Walker

            There are more features than what you listed. Do some research before you sling hatred.

            Also: You’re = You are.
            Your = Something you possess.

            You’re welcome.

    • RPG Maker VX Ace may not be for everyone, but I assure you it is more than you think.

      But I don’t have to convince you in words, just wait until release and download the free 30 day trial. If after you play around with it you are still not satisfied, then you have lost nothing.

      I think that Ace can speak for itself.

      • masterlobo

        You’re awesome man. You shouldn’t even bother answering those kind of aggresive posts 🙂

        I’m not saying everyone should like it but calling it ‘a bunch of BS’ is just not civilized.

        • KageKazumi

          Oh yes, we all love when business UPDATE something and sell it again. Try being a little more original…oh wait it’s a business who only cares about suckering money from its valued customers.

          • Paul Walker

            Apparently you can’t read. Which is sad, in this day and age. But the maker is not an UPDATE it has as many feature improvements as VX did over XP. The only reason you think it is an update is that it uses some of VX’s RTP (and adds to it, I might add) and has VX in the title.

            Please come up with a more compelling argument.

    • Haters gonna hate.

      > RPGmaker user be civilized.
      > My face when.

      • KageKazumi

        Idiots gonna never stand up for what is good BUSINESS PRACTICE and not.

        • Paul Walker

          If you don’t like Ace, then don’t buy it. Problem solved. All you’re going to get here are rational arguments about why you’re blinded by hatred and your own ignorant ideas about how awesome or not VX Ace is.

          Use the demo when it comes out, explore the features. Compare what is new in Ace versus what was new in VX when you went to VX from XP.

          You’ll find that this is a new maker and not an “Expansion Pack”.

  • Stuy

    Wow.. Enterbrain just keeps making better and better versions. I wonder what the future makers will be able to do. In lets say 3-5 years we might get a rpg maker vx ace ultimate with hundred of new features. I LOVE technology!! 🙂

  • I am sooo looking forward to this product! Definitely gonna preorder it XD

  • Woah

    The big question is will you be able to export to XNA so you can sell your game as an indie game on xbox live. No ability to export for indie games or any of the other system equivelents (#DS shop, WiiWare,etc.) makes it a “no go” for me.

    Include the ability to export to any of the current indie game systems and I’ll purchase it day 1 preorders go out.

    • Paul Walker

      Exporting tool (separate tool, not built into the maker) is being looked into. But hasn’t been decided on yet.

      Also, you can always release your games on Steam. (If it’s good enough for Valve to like it and put it on there.)

      XNA is more indie game friendly, but to export something to Nintendo’s products? You need more than a tool, you’d have to go through their certification process as well. And from experience, Nintendo is the strictest of the three major publishers.

      • Paul Walker

        And from what I understand, XNA, iOS/Android are the only ones being looked into. Playstation maybe, because of their Playstation Market something program they’re starting, but no mention of Nintendo at all.

    • AMerk

      From an above post and previous postings on other sites, at this point it will not support XNA. It’s something they are considering for down the line, but they won’t make any guarantees.

      Nick Palmer’s quote above:
      “Its an option we are looking into as a separate product to work with Ace. At the moment we don’t know if its going to happen, but it is a thing we are looking into seriously.”

  • AstoXx

    Will the trial be a 30-day full feature trial like all the others or will you be using the infinite but feature-limited trial like the current Japanese one?

    • 30 Day full feature trial.

      • Brian

        That goes for the English version of RPG Maker XP and VX as well.

  • amerk

    We’re approaching zero-hour, and still waiting word on the discounts and bonuses for pre-orders. I hope they give us the scoop on this soon, since it’ll be the deciding factor for a lot of people whether or not to take advantage of pre-ordering.

    • When the preorder page goes up on the 1st it will tell everyone all the things you want to know. People have from the 1st to the 14th to preorder, it’s not like its a one day deal.

      • Nathanial

        The Pre-order is well worth it. There’s no reason NOT to pre-order… It’s beyond the bonuses 😉

        • amerk

          Yeah, I figure it is, but it’s a matter of convincing the wife. But then again, my birthday is on March 4th, so I’m sure I can work some sort of charm.

  • Robin Porter

    Lol. I can see me ironing out the small klinks in my battlescript to have to change it more for ace.

    At least it will be scripting time well spent.

  • amerk

    Got you, wasn’t sure how long pre-ordering was going on. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open.

  • Eric

    Ok it’s March 1st in Japan, well into their work day. Where’s my pre-order form!? Watching you like a hawk, man. Got my eyes on that button.

    • Paul Walker

      The international release of Ace is handled by a company in the united states, and will update when it’s March 1st in America.

      • Actually, Degica is a Japanese company with offices around the globe.

        (I myself am based in the USA though.)

        • Paul Walker

          I stand corrected! So is there a time zone they’re basing the launch on then?

          • Eric

            Did you really stand up and recognize the correction? I often do that.

            Still waiting on that pre-order button. Trigger finger at the ready. You know I’m gonna do it. Just give it to me. What difference does it make if it’s a few hours early. GIMME THAT BUTTON!

          • It will go up at some point on March 1st. Honestly that is all I can actually say. (The Preorder page going up isn’t in my domain.)

        • Robin Porter

          they just never told you it’s always PST time they go by

    • JM

      The only button I got my eyes on is the F5 so far…the wait is killing me T-T

  • Philip

    Sooooo its the 1st… HOW DO I PRE ORDER?!?!?!? IM DYING HERE !

    • Philip

      Yes im impatient 😛

  • Eric (the Pesterer)

    It’s almost 9am PST on March 1st. Is that pre-order hiding away from me. YOu’re doing this to me on purpose aren’t you? Oh, it’s that Eric guy again. Geez, ban his IP or something. I hope my comments are being seen as funny and not frustrating. I am very eager but I’m jesting while I wait in line with everyone else.

  • Paul Walker

    Will we be able to stack a pre-order discount with the “We already own VX” discount? Or is it one or the other?

  • Moffa Roger

    I am interested too in the preorder and the “discount and some cool bonuses!”
    I am waiting to see the magic button to order it.
    Is there only english version or french version too ?
    How much is the discount ?
    Can i pay with PayPal ?

    Thanks for the infos

    • The preorder page is now up, and yes, Paypal is accepted.

  • Ian Clark

    I tend to work from two different computers, and dropbox files back and forth. I would like to have VX Ace installed on both so that I could create my project no matter where I am, but will my activation key only be good for one machine?

    • I do all my work on one PC, so I’ve never tried, but I’ll ask our support guy and get back to you tonight.

      • Ian Clark

        Thanks! I’m also planning on replacing my home computer soon (it’s old enough that even VX does not run well), so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be wasting my code if I used it on that machine before the upgrade.

        • When you upgrade moving to a new PC will be no trouble at all. If there is an activation issue when moving to a new PC, just fill out a support ticket.

          (Sorry, I thought you were asking about having it installed on two computers simultaneously.)

          • Ian Clark

            No, you weren’t wrong — I was asking about that as well. This was simply an additional question, haha. Thanks again!

            So even if I use my Ace code before replacing my PC, I will be able to use it again? That’s good to know.

  • Patrick

    May I ask about the discount for current VX users? Is there none or am I simply overlooking it?

    • It exists but doesn’t stack with the preorder discount (and the two are similar in percent, so there is no real reason to favor the VX discount over the preorder one, since the Preorder one includes awesome bonuses)

      • Patrick

        Oh, okay. Thank you for your reply. Then I shall preorder the thing right now, hell yeah! 😀

  • Here’s a question; Will we ever see Side on Battle Modes as a default like with RPG Maker 2003?
    I miss having that as a default.

    • I have no idea. I’ve talked about before why I think the front view is best by default though.

  • Jon

    I was looking for an FAQ for the upcoming VXAce and couldn’t find it, so I will ask my question here: Does anyone know if this new iteration has a side-battle view battle system in it, or do I have to script it?

    • It uses a front view battle system, but there are already nicely done sideview scripts (including at least one I know that is plug and play.)

  • Chloe

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for RPG Maker VX Ace to come out! I bet it will be easier to use than the others…. but I cant wait!!! :3

  • Bill

    Will there be something to download for those that bought the Japanese version to translate it into English? I bought the Japanese version before I knew they were releasing an English one, and the few translation patches out there only translate a little bit….I’ve been trying to translate the rest with Google Translate, but so far, not going so well……anyway, just wondering.

  • Today is March 15, 2012. You said you would release RPG Maker VX Ace. But it is not available. When would be release date? It won’t be today but definitely will be tomorrow March 16, 2012.

  • shane

    1) when was XP released officially on your website?
    2) when was VX Ace released officially on your website?

    • XP was officially released in English in September of ’05.

      VX Ace was released in March of ’12

      • Shane Warne

        Sorry I made mistake, thanks for reply by the way.

        I forgot to type question for the latest versions release dates.

        XP is currently v1.04 and officially released?

        VX Ace is currently v?? and officially released?

  • Andrew Vrba

    I think an “Export to Android” option would be awesome, but I’ve coded before. Porting isn’t as simple is changing a few things, and pressing a “make port” button. I honestly doubt we’ll see such an option during VX Ace’s lifespan.