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Are you ready to take your RPG Making to the next level? We are proud officially announce that the English version of VX Ace is coming soon to the international community.

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While we are here, lets go ahead and cover some of the exciting features of VX Ace:

  • Every map you make can have an entirely custom tileset.
  • Every skill you make can have its own custom damage/healing equation.
  • 4-way Directional Passability.
  • Compatibility with all RMVX graphical resources.
  • Ability to play OGV videos.
  • … AND MORE!

Excited for Ace? Have some questions? Have some great ideas on how to use some of the cool new features? Write them in the comments section below!

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  • justin

    will this game be in English?

    • Yes, this is the announcement for the official English language version.

  • Nightmare

    I just wish very deeply in my heart that the offical release date will be released soon..

  • Mask de Plainview

    Is there a release date for Ace yet?

    • Not yet. Just keep an eye on the facebook and twitter and we’ll get it to you as soon as we know it. (Seriously, I really wish I had an answer for you)

  • Oh wow look’s very nice! i love how it has alotta character customization stuff in it, will there be a downloadable demo to check out before we buy it like the other versions?

    • I believe it will be handled the same way, but I will have to check with the powers above to get a 100% accurate answer on that, I’ll be back in a bit with a for sure answer.

  • Kitwar

    “Soon” is before summer ?

    • Barring catastrophic end of the world events, I think I can assure it will be here before then.

      • Kitwar

        Perfect! I will actually be kinda busy during the apocalypse, so it would be really cool to make a nice game before. Maybe aliens will play it in future.

        • I make all my games for future alien lifeforms to find. I’m sure they will understand my genius.

  • Robin Porter

    I know this may sound a little shark, but it’s nice ace will do what rpgm2k did without having to rely so heavily on outside scripting that isn’t always comparable.

    Since it is still VX, I assume it keeps the 544 x 416 resolution?

    • By default, yes, I’ve already seen scripts to raise it though.

      • It’s indeed possible to change the size up to 640×480.

        It’s extremely easy to perform in RMVX-Ace thanks to the improved code written by Enterbrain. The only line you have to type in the main section is:

        Graphics.resize_screen(640, 480)

        In RMVX more efforts is required since it’s required to replace a lot of magic numbers with variables. I should write a tutorial about it someday.

  • Already saving up. I decided. Got a few projects already in mind for VXA, though NOT before TGP for VX is finished. One at a time. (Sorry, but I *still* can’t take the video voiceover seriously enough! O.o)

  • Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Looking forward to this!! I already have a game planned for it…
    Features I love from the videos I watched so far:
    — multiple tilesets (this corrects a major letdown in the previous version)
    — video playback
    — scrolling text (combined with a background image this will be a killer)
    — actors and classes can be assigned customizable characteristics to elements, weaknesses, resistance, etc.
    — message window color can be easily changed.
    — character generator!
    I’m sure there are other features that I will love.

    • Yeah, the way traits work is amazing, but its just so hard to explain succinctly.

  • Nick Falkner

    Would this include a character creator, like the Anime Maker on the PS1 version of RPG Maker?

    • There is a sprite and face maker built into VX Ace.

      • moejedi

        Good! that’s what I’ve been wanting to hear!

  • Paul Walker

    What will the pricing be on the international version?

    • $90. But seriously keep an eye on the blog/facebook/twitter for discount codes, too.

      • Andre Guerreiro Neto

        Hi, Nick. I’m eager for its release. But don’t you think it’s a bit too much for new users with that price? VX is $60 and ACE is based on it. I’m not complaining though. I’m just trying to say that it’d maybe sell more and you’d have less piracy. Please don’t get me wrong. I love Enterbrain software. 🙂

        • Will games made on VX be compatible with VX ace?

          • VX Ace is a new maker. It shares the same resource format as VX, but the game projects are not compatible.

            There is a fan made converter, but it will not convert everything (such as scripts, which would be way too complicated for an automated process), and has to use default values in some areas since Ace has so many features that VX did not.

      • Paul Walker

        Thanks for the info, I definitely will keep an eye out for discount codes!

      • Draygone

        $90 seems a bit steep considering the popularity of the series and the fact it’s still rooted in VX1’s engine. When Indie Game Maker released, the $90 price tag was more understandable for it, since it was a completely new and unproven creation tool. But for Ace? Eh… Why not price drop VX1 when VX Ace comes out and have Ace cost $60, like when XP got a price drop when VX1 came out?

        • And VX was based on XP, and XP was based on what came before it.

          All of them have had advances. Honestly, if you compare it to the Japanese price, its actually still pretty low.

          Anyway, I’ll mention all of your concerns to people higher up, but really I have no real control over the price myself.

          (Also, there will be a discount for current VX owners)

          • Josh

            (Also, there will be a discount for current VX owners)
            How much of a discount

          • I don’t have the exact number on that so I wouldn’t want to speculate, I’ll ask up the foodchain though. (I’d hate to see the backlash if I said a number and it was wrong… wooo)

  • Great news! Can’t wait to see English version. Subscribed to news updates, looks like it’s time to think through of my new RPG Maker project xD

  • Paul Walker

    Out of curiosity, (didn’t see this on the main site FAQ so figure I’d try asking here) if we were to publish games that we made with Ace (or any other RPG Maker for that matter), do we need to put Enterbrain or something in the credits? Or will the splash screen for Enterbrain when the game starts be enough (like when you start a game on VX)?

    Like, if we had a field for “Engine and Tools” in our credits, would we simply put “Enterbrain!”?

    Or to make my question more simple, is there a document we could read that listed the legal requirements for publishing a game using XP / VX / Ace?


  • Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Hi, Paul.
    You can find more details here:
    I guess you missed it in the FAQ section. 😀

    Best regards,


    • Paul Walker

      Thanks, I did see that in the FAQs, which says we CAN distribute games, and what to do in regards to RTP and resources, but doesn’t say anything as far as how we should handle credits and if mentioning Enterbrain is necessary.

      And regarding the edited resources, when they say not sold/redistributed, does that mean the game can’t be sold/redistributed? Or just the edited resources themselves?

      • Andre Guerreiro Neto

        I believe that if it’s not explicitly expressed in a EULA or FAQ then it’s something we don’t have to worry about. About the resources I believe that you shouldn’t distribute them separately because they’re part of the RPG Maker software but you can distribute them with your game. Hope that helps.

  • Moop

    I was reading the facebook page and noticed that all participants of the let’s make a scene contest will receive a 20% discount code. Does this include the disqualified entries. PLEASE SAY YES D:
    It’s because I worked really hard on mine and only found out later that a particular track was a reason to lose which was unfortunately not stated earlier in the process >.<

  • thanos

    question, will it come with tons of monsters and magic sets so there no need to download from other places plus a way to change collers to alter the monsters or re use them. will it be able to be played online as a multi player, and would there be ways to truely costumize a charactor like creating a dnd game or final fantasy game and add more demonic elements like diablo stuff as well as sci fi stuff please like haveing a monthly content update

    • There is a good bit of stuff in the RTP, but its more comparable to earlier rpg maker versions, so if you think that you needed to download more with them, you will need to download more with Ace as well. No, it does not support online, though I suppose scripts could be written for it, character customization on the players end would also rely more on scripting, though you could do some interesting things through events.

  • thanos

    could there e certian things that help those who are not famiular or understand the text script feature

  • Shawn

    What are .OGV videos, and how do you make them and play them? Are they supposed to act as cut-scenes?

    • .OGV is just a video using the Theora video compression using the Ogg container format. Basically, its a specific compression/container format for videos like you would normally play in your media player of choice.

      And yes, I assume it would be used to create cutscenes.

  • FullMetalID

    i was just wondering why they went back to the front veiw battle system, surley there was a vote on it and all but i think they shouldprobably include a system game option where youcan change it into a side-view battle system, kind of like tankentai. but either way someone will make a script for something. any thoughts?

    • I’ve talked about this before in a few other places, and while this isn’t an “official” viewpoint, it is my personal opinion on it:

      RPG Maker is at its heart a hobbyist game engine that is intended to be easy to get into and easy to use. A sideview battle system requires a lot more developer time because of the added need for sideview battler spites for both characters and enemies (and in most cases people will won’t animated characters). Front view on the other hand has a low level of entry for a developer. All he needs are frontview sprites and boom, he’s done.

      As it is, with scripting available, sideview scripts get made. There are already sideview scripts available for Ace (though I would suggest that no one use Tankentai, but that is a story for another day, and no one has to because other sideview scripts are already done for Ace).

  • Brad Raush

    Hello! I’ve always enjoyed the top down gameplay found in your rpg maker series but I was wondering if you think it would be possible in RPGmaker VX ACE to swing a sword on the overhead walk around screen at a visible enemy that would then start the battle with a sort of “got the jump on the enemy!” Or “you were ambushed!” if the monster hits you. Thanks!

    • It would be possible with scripts. I haven’t seen a specific script for this though (doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though. There are already 200+ Ace scripts and I haven’t looked at each of them individually)

  • Matt

    So is there an actual release date for the English version? I’ve seen on Wikipedia that it was to be released in Feb 2012, now that I’ve checked it again it now says Q1 2012. Sometimes Wikipedia can be misleading and I just want to know if there is really a set date planned?

    • Actually the last time it was changed was because I got tired of people saying February based off of the Wikipedia page which had no validity. So the current Q1 2012 was put in by me. That being said, there is no OFFICIAL release date, but Q1 2012 SHOULD be accurate unless something goes really wrong.

  • Cait

    I am absolutely blown away by RMVX ACE, you not only meet my expectations, you went far beyond them. o.o WOW! Now, if you only had a ship tileset ….That would make it perfect and I’m already planning on buying it. The graphics are really good, and the music is amazingly done. I didn’t think it was possible for a company to blow me out of the water, I’ve been let down by other companies, so my exceptations were kind of low, but VX Ace …raised that bar for the better. I keep finding more and more to love about it. Some features not really advertised, well, they were just not as much as they should have. I love the generator and how you can add pieces you create, like new eyes, hair, and etc.

    • I’m happy your happy. I really love what we’ve done with Ace. The first time I got my hands on a build of it I was seriously impressed.