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Awwww yeah, the summer is here, and that means for all the students out there, it is time for us to get out of the classroom and… probably sit behind our computers working on our projects more, let’s be honest here.

Whether you are a student that has a long break coming or just a curmudgeonly old man who is happy all the college students are going home for the summer so he can finally drive around town without traffic, what summer break does mean… is freedom!

And with all that freedom to work on your projects, you’re going to need more power, more graphic, more music.

But you don’t want to hear me wax poetically about how glad I am to see the students gone, you want to know what is on sale!

RPGMakerMVRPG Maker MV is at 60% off!
Coupon Code: mvschool60

50RPG Maker MV DLC at 50% off:
Samurai Classics Music Pack
Frontier Works: Futuristic Heroes and BGM MV
Skyforge Battlepack
Coupon Code: schoolhalf50

40RPG Maker MV DLC at 40% off:
Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1
Japanese Character Generator Expansion 2
Japanese Character Generator Expansion 3
Festival of Light: Japanese Resource Pack
Call of Darkness: Japanese Resource Pack
Twilight Shrine: Japanese Resource Pack
Katakura Hibiki’s MV Monsters Vol 1
Katakura Hibiki’s Lords of Darkness
Medieval: Town & Country
Medieval: Interiors
Medieval Town Bundle
Coupon Code: 40schoolgo

30RPG Maker MV DLC at 30% off:
(new) SAKAN Tileset Builder
Future Steam Punk Collection
Animations Collection II: Quantum
Medieval: Warfare
Medieval: Knights Templar
Town of Seasons Tiles Pack
Coupon Code: out30school

20RPG Maker MV DLC at 20% off:
Karugamo Fantasy: Vol. 1
Karugamo Fantasy: Vol. 2
Karugamo Fantasy: Vol. 3
Karugamo Fantasy: Vol. 4
Karugamo Contemporary BGM Pack 01
Karugamo Contemporary BGM Pack 02
Samurai Classics: Temple of Darkness
Hiroki Kikuta’s The Calm Music Pack
Hiroki Kikuta’s The Fury Music Pack
Hiroki Kukita’s Calm and Fury Bundle
FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles
Fantasy Heroine Character Pack
Medieval: Dungeons
Medieval: Bosses
Elemental Dungeons Tiles
Use coupon: yay20school

This offer is valid from 12:00(noon) PST on 5/25/2017 until 8:00AM PST on 5/30/2017.
One coupon per order.
No rain-checks.

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