Sneak Peek: Zombie Survival Graphic Pack

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With today’s release of Joel Steudler’s Survival Horror Music Mega-Pack, we wanted to give you a brief glimpse of the newest graphic pack we’ll be releasing in the near future: the zombie survival graphic pack.


Created by Lunarea, this new pack will contain matching tiles, characters, faces and battlers – along with a few surprise bonus pieces. The tiles span over several areas, including a hospital, shelter, science lab and military base. The characters contain some of the modern personas you might find in a zombie game (scientist, policeman, military, etc).

Done in a painted style, the pack should fit well with Modern Day tiles. The characters, battlers and faces are created in a unique style, with plans to expand with more content.


Estimated release time is in 2-3 weeks – just in time for Halloween!


Thoughts on the pack? Let us know in comments!

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  • David Viars

    Well, I’ll be buying this on the first day of release!

  • Force

    I LOVE IT!!!! I just wonder if there might be a blank template of the sort if sprites that come with the pack…(hint, hint)….they are different from the RTP ones.

    • I can ask Lunarea whether she will release the template. Don’t want to speak for her!

  • Amazing. I want it now!

  • Sean Mercado

    At the moment I’m totally psyched for this pack ^^. Though hopefully the pack will include some RTP sprites.

  • Gil

    An cool addition would be to put night backgrounds with a full moon, to use as parallax, And if possible, add some battlers in VX Ace’s style.

    I hope to see packs with battlers in the same style as the RTP…

  • Randy

    Can you make a script of some sort that “zombifies” a normal sprite by overlaying a generic graphic over the sprite? Now that would be some cool stuff!