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This is a quick survey to gauge interest for various export options that are being considered for development.

There are only 10 questions and it shouldn’t take long to complete.
Once you’ve answered the questions make sure to click the submit button on the top right hand side of the survey.

Thanks in advance!

The RPG Maker Team

1. Have you purchased RPG Maker VX?

2.. Do you have a smartphone?

3. Which OS is loaded on your smart phone?

4. Do you plan to buy a smart phone in the future?

5. Are you interested in developing applications for smart phones?

6. If there was a smart phone exporter available for RPG MAKER VX, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

7. If you want to release a smart phone application you need to register with Apple or Google as a developer. You will also need to pay a registration fee. Did you know about this?

8. Do you own an Xbox 360 or regularly use one?

9. Do you know about Xbox Indie Games?

10. If an XNA exporter was released for RPG MAKER VX (which means your game can be played on Xbox 360), how much would you be willing to pay for it?

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  • Please, a Windows Phone Exporter would be perfect! RPG Development Kit from MS is too hard to understand!

    Greetings and Congratulations for your work from Italy

  • Kim

    I hope something does get released for the Xbox or phone, as I have been looking for programs for game consoles for a while now and am getting an Xbox soon.

  • This is a good initiative

  • Shawn Contreras

    Good luck bringing it to consoles. I think you guys should invest in the Vita and Ps3, personally.

  • Akbar

    Xbox SUCKS!!! PS3 FTW!!!

  • balangan

    i just little poor man, but so many game i create with RPG Maker Vx and that’s all free..

  • Pls release an XNA exporter for Windows Phone and XBOX360 🙂

  • Franklin

    This survey was poorly written. In question 2 I answered ” I don’t have a smartphone” and it tells me to go go question 3 asking me about what program is in a smartphone I don’t own.

  • Jason Black

    @Shawn and Akbar

    It will probably be quite a while before a direct import to Vita or PS3. Sony uses a proprietary development platform that doesn’t follow standard Windows protocols. Not 100% sure about Vita but the PS3 with the Cell Processor and divided memory can make it difficult to code an application for an unprepared individual. Not hating on a PS3 as I own a PS3, Xbox 360, and a Wii all of which see about equal game time.

    If this happens I would embrace it but I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

    • Shawn

      I don’t understand how it can be difficult to port a game made on RPG Maker VX to the PS3 because of it’s divided memory. It’s clear that people want to have their games played on the go! Vita, 3DS, or smartphones. And that we want to see them in higher resolution ala PS3, Xbox, or Wii. I think enterbrain should support all the consoles and portables in being able to play a game made on PC.

      • The problem is that not all game systems support indie game development to the same degree.

      • Mark

        Agreed, Also you Would Not port the game to the ps3 per Say, but more so to The Store. Sony as alot of love for us indie Developers, I am Sure they can And Will Assist indies Whose projects are high quality And that fit the persona of Sony’s playstation devices. Classic rpgs Made in kits like vx and vx Ace, fit within those…

  • An interesting concept, I’ll give it that, my only issue about VX is the tileset limitations, but if that weren’t the case, this would be a great new way to release games on to other systems.

  • Dawson

    Why not have it for XP instead, the better games are all on XP…

  • This would make me a very happy man…

  • ad_faE

    Just a heads up on Xbox Indie Games,
    Xbox Indie Games is only avaliable in some countries, Denmark for once don’t have Xbox Indie Games, I’m pretty sure other countries also don’t have Xbox Indie Games…

    • Kevin

      Great idead here Enterbrain! Only thing that is missing would be a version for XP games. I think the XP community has more finished games and semi-serious game developers then the VX community. I don’t think it would be too much work to make an XP version of the exporters, when you already have a VX version.

      I would gladly pay 60 dollars or more for the XP exporters!

      Imo an exporter to iPhone and Android phones (and windows phones) is perfect for rmxp/vx games. This really could mean big cahs for Enterbrain if they play there cards right (aka, make an XP version!)

      ~ A professional application developer

      • Dawson


        Don’t forget XP!

      • XP is almost not supported by now, and they are thinking about the release of RMVX ACE which have many options lost from RMXP, If they release it on america I’ll be happily buying it through paypal.

  • I own neither of these so it doesn’t really interest me much. I’d love a way to publish on the PSN, but I don’t think its indy support is quite as good?

  • Samuel Bilney

    Enterbrain, don’t ignore the best creator you’ve made! Just because its slightly harder to use! xD
    Add support for that too 🙂
    (Many, many developers would appreciate XP as well. Especially for the Xbox!)

  • Marina

    The problem is… that i dare to pay pretty enough for that stuff, but if is only for rpg maker VX, i wouldn’t pay for it. I prefer the old rpg makers, or rpg maker XP.

    I dont like rpg maker VX.

  • Rikov

    We don’t need this for RM XP but for RM VX!

    STOP spamming enterbrain with that request, XP don’t have enough (legal) users to make good profit.

    • Dawson

      The most famous games are on XP, not VX.

  • Ubuntu user

    No GNU/Linux version, so I’m not interested.


  • Personally I think Enterbrain need to create a new MAKER that combines the power and features in both RPG Maker XP and VX or even make a RPG Tactical game maker (it’s time we see one for the RPG Maker Series).
    You need to stop wasting time on OUTDATED SOFTWARE and make something new that has these features!!!

    • Corleo

      There is one. A very old one, but it does exist. I think it is called “Sim RPG Maker 95”, but I do not know if it is Enterbrain that made it.

  • Oh and a Mac version would be welcomed for both RP RMXP and RMVX.

    • blop

      We don’t need a mac version there’s emulator to run pc for that box, we need an export for Android and Xbox

  • Michael Ponder Jr

    I don’t know about all this.. i can’t wait for a survey that asks about the maker it’s self, like “Do you like the mapping system in VX” to which i would click “No”.
    And “what can we do to improve VX?” and i would click “Go back to how it worked in RMXP, allowing for tile structures like it had, and 3 layers like it had, because the map creating system and the tile system is BAD and needs fixed”.

    Seriously, i still use RMXP cause VX has such a BAD mapping and tile system, i like that over world things have returned, but the way auto tile are constructed are BAD, and the fact that we are back to 2 layers is BAD, and the auto shadow is BAD, there needs to be 3 layers again, auto tiles should be made how they were in RMXP, 3 tiles over and 4 tiles down, i hate how maps always end up very squared looking.

    RMVX ACE looks horrible, it looks like they took RMVX and just added a few new little features, and did not really add more to make the game making experience much better, and i HATE chibi characters, i can make my own characters which is great, but the chibi style is just ugly!

    RMVX ACE Needs more work done on it before it’s released, i am sick of makers coming out that have new cool things, but then good useful things that were in the last maker get removed, that needs to stop!

    What needs to be done, is they need to take RPG Maker XP and expand on it rather than expanding on VX.

    • I hear ya! I still prefer 2K3, but migrated to XP, yet use VX more often than not. “If it ain’t broken, why fix it?” is what I say. It’s fine to add new features, but don’t sacrifice the GOOD stuff in favour of the bad.

  • An xbox 360 indie game exporter would be fantastic. Smart phones are ok but just too small a screen to be very feasable to me for gaming. Although an exporter for it would be nice. I don’t really think paying for exporters should be an option because you have to pay android and all these other assholes huge fees just to deploy on there systems anyways why make it worse the price for the engine should cover it. But that’s just my thoughts.

  • Those exporters would be awesome!. but enterbrain PLEASE give us news for RMVX ace on America please!!!

  • Alex

    RPG Maker VX Ace? whoa.

  • awesome as! would be sweet if u did the xbox thing!!

  • I think you should “port” it over to Linux-based OSes (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/etc), as more and more people are gravitating away from Windows (myself included). At least the “technically minded” people I know are. Easier said than done, I know. But for me it’d be better to develop a completely new version of RPG Maker, with all of the features omitted in RMXP (and RM2K3). In a poll I did from my blog, the majority reckoned a 3D RPG Maker would be the route to go. Cross-compatibility is going to be important over the next few years as technology develops. While I have no interest in particular in Smartphones, I know a lot of people who do and who would be interested in a version of RPG Maker for that platform, so the exporters would be a cool way particularly of sharing created games to play. (And don’t forget the Linux users either! 😉 )

  • Kodify

    I do not currently own RPGMaker. BUT, if source were available for exported games (C# or Javascript), I would be tempted.

    Due to the heavy standards required of the games released and community approval (360) / strict ui approval (iphone), I’d need at least some parts to have source available once published. Basically, it would need to generate a full Xcode project (for iphone), and whatever is required for 360, for 360. Also, there is future proofing on 360, each version of XNA is different.

    Linux port: They don’t even support mac yet? It’s mac, THEN linux, stop cutting in line.

    Also, xbox 360 has a serious lack of good RPG’s.

  • Amy

    I… really don’t like VX. If they could get it on XP, that would be a lot better for me. I’d be more than happy to spend $60 on an exporter for XP.

    For the chance to make little games on a phone though, I’d be willing to give VX another try. But ONLY if it could export to a phone.

    As for console… The indie community is the only reason I would think of getting a 360, so being able to build on it would be cool. If you could develop on 3DS or Wii though, that would be even more awesome!

  • Personally I an a huge Nintendo fan and think that the 3DS would be my ideal portable design program. I could design in bed and on the toilet!

    The Wii U would also be amazing with it’s touch screen. You can dream can’t you.

    Big Toby

  • Robin Porter

    I know this is late, but many I know want MAC compatable versions as an exporter.

  • XNA support would be awesome! But we’ve really got to up the resolution size of RPG Maker. 500 something by 400 something is just too small! Especially if we are exporting to a home console.


  • Robin Porter

    How a abouta 3D exporter. It’s already “layered”

  • Ron

    So far, since I’m very new to this, I’m going to check out the trial. I read that the game Corpse Party by gris gris was originally made on RPG Maker XP, and was hoping to do a similar Visual Novel/Simulation style doujin game. I would be willing to pay essentially anything needed if there was a PSP format export. If there was a way to export the finished product as an Eboot.pbp file that a psp (with custom firmware for developer purposes) could play.

  • yamina-chan

    I don’t own a smartphone so I can’t say much about that but being able to play a game you created on a console would be more then awesome =D
    Sure, not all games would be portable, but the general idea is great ^^ Especially since you would not be limited to resources and concepts as you were with the console versions of the RPG maker.
    However: VX? Why that one of all choices? Or ‘only’ that one. What about RPG Maker XP? That one is far superior to the VX in my personal opinion. Sure it might seem as if you’d need longer to understand it since it’s more complicated but fact is: you can do so much more with this! True, it does not have a build in vehicle system or face-set system but that’s about it with the drawbacks and besides: that can easily be changed with scripts or events so it’s not a big deal at all.
    I agree with Kevin and Dawson as well as Samuel Bilney: don’t forget about the XP system. It has a huge community that supports it and prefers it over any of the others for various reasons.

  • Mat

    An XNA exporter for VX or VXAce would be a fabulous idea! I’m sure there are a lot of talented designers who would love to be able to “go pro”, but lack the coding knowledge (and resources to hire someone just to do that).

  • blop

    Android Export will be fabulous !

  • superkudit

    oy!! where is RMXP?
    it is not fair when u create exporter only for VX.
    there was many XP lover in this world dude!

    • RMXP is an older engine, and official support is declining for it because newer, more sophisticated RPG engines are being developed and focused on. There’s no reason to start going backwards for XP and lower.

  • Seiryuki

    A very interesting survey. I was thinking about playing RPG Maker games on the PSP, PS3 and Xbox360…and even the PSVita. Most of my friends have PSPs, PS3s and 360s and I would love to have them play my game on one of those systems.

    Those of my friends who have smartphones are casual gamers and have all proven that they will not invest the time required to enjoy an RPG. Those who have the other, more core, gaming systems are willing to enjoy the game on their handhelds and on their TV-screens via their most connected gaming setup.

    Anyways, I hope this survey becomes fruitful and I do hope you also consider the PlayStation® systems I mentioned as an export option as well.

  • Renara

    I think that an iPhone exporter is easily the most important feature for RPG Maker going forward. While it’s proven a popular tool for making various Windows games, I think it’s clear that this is too limiting a market. Final Fantasy 2’s popularity on iPhone has proven that people enjoy playing RPGs on their phones!

    I don’t believe that the addition of an exporter should cost more money, as it will help to open up RPG Maker to a much wider audience, which will drive new sales of the program from people that were never interested in developing RPGs for Windows only. The more exporters that can be added the better; XBox Arcade, Android and iPhone would all serve to massively improve the potential audience for games, and thereby drive sales of the tools.

  • Ben773

    They need to make this happen!

  • This need to happen! I would pay much to be able to port my games to smartphone and Xbox.

  • Erika

    I think this is a good idea because it will broaden the customer base for many who have VX games. On their game sites, they can advertise not only a PC version, but an Xbox version, too. It will look more professional, and Xbox already supports indie games, so it works out nicely.
    I hope it will support both VX AND VX ACE and not just ace, otherwise it will be a shame for those who have dedicated so much time to the development of their vx game and are almost complete. Plus, I doubt it will get as many sales since there are many who have worked too hard creating their old scripts for VX to convert to the ace version where their scripts would be incompatible.
    If it were to support the original VX as well, I personally would probably pay like $50 for the exporter alone! After all, if your game is complete, this could be a good marketing strategy. If you sold only 50 copies on Xbox for $1 USD each, you would make up the difference (and if you can’t even sell 50 copies, you game will be in trouble anyway).
    Thanks for the great idea. Look forward to see what comes from this survey. Good luck.

  • I know this is an old post, but this absolutely needs to be done. I have a ton of projects that aren’t that suitable for PC, because of the game design. IOS, Android, heck even PS Vita and Nintendo 3Ds would be amazing. Major consoles aswell. I honestly think that RPG maker vx ace could get atleast just as popular as Unity3D is now if you could export to some actual useful platforms. I don’t mind paying for the export options in Unity and I woul not mind paying for them in RPG maker vx ace either.