The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 4

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Our RPG Maker MV Plugin Previews are continuing down the track with Episode 4!

So whats do Ralph and Erik have in store for us today? Do you want to see more of Yanfly’s brilliant Action Sequences to spice up your battles? An easy to use Item and Enemy Encyclopedia system? Or maybe a couple of more fun ways to make your battles pop with Luna Engine Lite and the Battle Mode Change plugin?

If any of those sound awesome, and they do, then you are in for a treat. Jump on the train and watch Episode 4!

Click Me!

Click Me!

So which of these Plugins are you planning to use? Have a skill in mind for one of those Action Sequences? Can’t wait for your players to dig into the bestiary to learn more about their foes? Or maybe just give your Battle UI a facelift with Luna Engine Lite? Tell us how you plan to use these plugins and more in the comments below.

Be ready to use these plugins and more the day RPG Maker MV releases, PREORDER NOW.

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  • KaneHart

    I’m really happy about a lot these more default plugins that RPG Maker MV Comes with. I know there is limitations with the NA Devs when comes to add features etc. But including a bunch of common and wanted Plugins has been a pretty good filler for us.

    I am happy to see a beastly Plugin right off the bad because who does not want statistical information stored.

    • Nick Palmer

      My favorite part of having all these plugins on launch is that they have a chance to become a bit more standard. Which means that all these features added by the plugins can get worked into other peoples further plugin work.