Game Feature: The Reconstrution by Deltree

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Want to see what RPG Maker can really do? Want to see what happens when someone really pushes the limits? Then get ready to play The Reconstruction by Deltree from

What makes this game special? The Gameplay. Deltree has created an enormous amount of custom systems, from a leveling system to an exploration system that seems almost lifted straight from a point and click adventure game. The one piece of gameplay though, that sticks out the most: The Battle System.

In the battle system, the battlers line up on a grid, one side reserved for your characters, and one side reserved for the antagonists. You can move in and out of range of different attacks, while attempting to keep your opponent within range of your own, but the depth of the system doesn’t end there. Each character has three “HP” values. Different skills in the game require you to pay an amount of one of the HP values, and damages one type on your enemy. This adds an interesting level of strategy that is incredibly fun once you master the nuances.

The story is told through a quest system, and while the story can be a bit hard to grasp in total, the world itself is very well fleshed out. I enjoyed hearing about the different races and nations that populated the world. You can really tell that Deltree really thought about it when making the game.

The graphics are in an interesting style, having used the RMXP RTP as a base and then added a heavy outline. It gives it a very unique look. The music fits the scenes, and while not a crowning moment for the game, is pleasing to the ears.

Overall, this game is incredibly enjoyable, and LONG. I haven’t managed to get to the end myself, but Deltree tells me that it contains around 30 hours of gameplay, and from what I’ve experienced, that sounds entirely possible.

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  • Asteron

    I love this game, I played it twice and I am thinking of playing it again. The B/M/S system is great, it is really original.