Release day is here, and it’s time for 3 new audio packs!

First up, we have the Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.1. Bring your characters to life with lines from professional Japanese voice actors saying 127 standard stock phrases! Includes a file to tell you what each clip means in English.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Next up TK.Projects brings together 22 BGM, 17 ME, 10 BGS, 63 SE to breath atmosphere into your Cyberpunk or other sci-fi RPG with the Future Cyberpunk Collection Vol.1. Upbeat, fast paced, synthetic tracks will give your game the techno feeling it needs.

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But why stop there! They have also produced another 100 more ME that are a perfect complement: Cyberpunk RPG ME Perfect Collection. Fanfares, Emotions, Openings, Item Get, and many many more!

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Thursday! And that means releases. So what do we have for you today? Let’s take a look!

First up, do you want to add some moe to your game? Then how about picking up the Fantasy Character Super Deformed Pack! 39 characters, many of them drawn from the previous Fantasy Heroine packs, drawn with the big heads and little bodies super deformed style. Perfect for enemy battlers, or for making faceset/busts for dialogue!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And next up, be sure to take a listen to Alec Shea’s JRPG Music Pack! The second pack from Alec Shea, the JRPG Music Pack contains 20 new tracks to score your next game. Includes everything you need for battles, towns, cities, forests, caves, and more!

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And for our deal of the week, round out your collection with Alec Shea’s Adventure Music Vol 1 for 50% off!


It’s the first release week for October, and we have a wonderful surprise for our long time fans!

And let’s start off with that surprise! One of the most historically respected resource makers in the game, FSM is back with a brand new pack! The FSM: Caste and Town Tiles pack is HUGE. Just sheet after sheet of materials to make your populated cities shine. But how much do we really need to say about FSM, just head on over to the store now!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

But that isn’t it for this release week. We also are bringing you the Fantasy Interiors pack! Create detailed interiors for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. All with tons of clutter to  make your rooms look lived in!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And to wrap up this release week, we have another excellent music pack from TK.Projects, the Dramatic Fantasy RPG Music Vol.1. 25 tracks, plus 20 Music Events, and 10 Background Sounds round out this energetic and dynamic music pack with everything from field music to boss battles!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And for our Deal of the Week, enjoy Monster Evolutions: Battler Pack 1 for 50% off until 10/10!


The last release day of the month is here, and we’ve got two packs coming your way!

First up, the new Fairy Town Pack! Everything you need to make a whimsical fairy village. Tiles, Fairy Sprites, Music, and more! Also included, a bonus Giant Fairy Tree Sprite and modern city tile sheet in the same style!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

The Spooky Month is almost upon us, and Bitter Sweet Entertainment is bringing us a new soundtrack to match the Witching Hour! The Silent Horror Music brings a variety of creepy and sinister sounds to enhance your horror game!

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And for our Deal of the Week: 50% off the POP! Slasher Forest Pack!


Thursday has arrived, and its time for some more releases. And this week, our releases have evolved!

Our four enemies from Classic Monsters Pack No.1 are back, but this time, they’re more skilled. More powerful! The Goblin, Undead, Little Dragon, & Hornet, have now each taken on more and evolved into the Goblin Shaman, Cursed Undead, Evil  Dragon, & Red Beetle!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

Our fiends from the Classic Monsters Pack No.2 have not been idle, either, and they too have grown in strength. Our Slime, Mandragora, Lizardman, & Bat have hit the metaphorical gym, and have returned as the Slime Jelly, Mandrake, Lizard Warrior, & Imp!

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Original Character Contest II Winners!

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Our voting for the Original Character Contest II has come to an end, and we have our winners!

The Top 5 all will receive Face and Bust graphics to become part of a free RPG Maker DLC, and our number one winner’s face graphics will become the face of RPGMakerWeb on social media for the next 6 months!

And now, for our Grand Prize winner!

Raze by Eliaquim

To learn more about Raze, click here to read his submission entry on the forums! To see him float just look below!

And rounding out our top 5 we have:

Donica Linnell by samkfj
Radella “Della” de la Maga by Amysaurus
B4B3L by Marquise*
Máximo Martìnez by hiddenone


Congratulations to all our entrants, there were a lot of good characters out there! And keep your eye out for the new OCCII DLC in the near future!


It’s Thursday and that means release day is Back…grounds.

TOKIWA GRAPHICS is back with more beautiful painted backgrounds for you all! First up we have the Training Hall and Roadway set. Both backgrounds come in four variations: day, sunset, night, rain. Have your characters hit the road, and train hard with these additions to the TOKIWA GRAPHICS backgrounds!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

Next up, we abandon the familiar and safe confines of the roads of civilization, and go deep into the wilderness. With Pack No.6, visit the Deep Forest and Volcanoes! The perfect place for some dangerous encounters, again with each background coming in the day, sunset, night, rain variations!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

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September is here, and there is no stop to our weekly releases! So let’s take a look at the first releases of the month.

Joining packs 1 and 2, the TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.3 brings 4 new monsters to their style. With both sprites and battlers, bring the Mimic, the Succubus, the Fire Elemental, and the Living Sword to your game!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store.

New to the store, Rinober brings a hand drawn style to the new Futuristic Cities tileset. With A1-A5 tilesets and two B-D tilesets, one for interior and one for exterior, as well as 16 new character sprites, and 30+ new objects all in this hand drawn style this new pack will get your modern/near future game going strong!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

And for our Deal of the Week, pick up the TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.1 for 10% off!


One final release day for August, and its a HUGE one. Five new packs to give voice to your game!

And by that, I mean literally, let’s add some voices to those adventures!

First up, we have our two Heroes and Villains Voices English packs! Nearly 300 voice lines, male, female, hero and villain to add to your game.

Between these two packs, you’ll have plenty to spice up your battles and journeys with plenty of common phrases to bring voice to your characters!

Listen to some samples and learn more in the links below:

Vol 1: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam
Vol 2: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam

But maybe you want to bring the Anime or JRPG feel to your game, an easy ask with the Japanese Heroes and Villains Voices Packs!

These three packs contain 550+ lines for heroes and villains.

Covering a wide variety of common situations and exclamations, these lines are easy to integrate into your project.

With these voices, you can easily add that extra JRPG flair to your game.

Listen to some samples and learn more in the links below:

Vol 1: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam
Vol 2: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam
Vol 3: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam

And for our Deal of the Week, 50% off of Animations Collection I: Quintessence!


Brainstorming Characters

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With the Original Character Contest II still ongoing, I started thinking about how to make interesting characters. So I’ve decided to share with you one method I use to brainstorm new ones.

First thing I do is grab an index card. Then, I think of a single word that describes some archetype of character. It could be a fantasy “class” like warrior, or mage. Or it could be a group of people, say “nerd” or “jock”. Or if you are a complete weeb, you could even write anime personality types like “tsundere” or “yandere”.

Write that word at the top of the index card. I’m just going to go with “Warrior”

Next up, I’m going to take three lines, and in those three lines I’m going to put three things about his personality that are things that you would expect from the keyword (in this case warrior). The point here is to go “Ok, so what does a “warrior” mean?”.

So I think it over, and I add my three lines:

  • Will never back down from a fight.
  • Incredibly serious.
  • Very tactical thinker

Now that we’ve come up with 3 traits that support the archetype word, it’s time to make the character a little less stereotypical. Take one line, and describe something about the character that is very different than you would expect.

For my warrior I’m going to go with “Can’t do magic, but still knows a whole lot about the arcane.”

Now I come up with two more things. One is the characters goal, the other is their downfall.

For the goal, I try to think of what the character wants out of life. What would make them happy. This doesn’t have to be something they even know would make them happy. Just where they would need to be in life to be satisfied.

For our example warrior I’m going to put: “Become a renowned General.”

Next up, we have the downfall. This is some trait the character has that gets them in trouble. It doesn’t have to be a negative trait, just a trait that will often cause problems for them.

I’m going to go with “Overworks themself.”

Now I have a good bit of information. It’s time to take that brainstorming, and turn it into a character. The key is to take what we’ve “learned” about the character and put the context and background to it that makes those traits make sense.

For instance, with this character, we could make them an orphan that originally was adopted into a magic school, but they had zero aptitude. They couldn’t actually cast anything. They understood it intellectually, but just couldn’t make a spark happen. Failing out of the school, they fell into depression. Until they met one of the King’s knights, who took them under his wing, and taught them sword and tactics.

They took this as an opportunity to succeed, and they were never going to fail again. That is why they studied everything as hard as they could. Weapons. Tactics. They even continued studying magic, because the better they understood it, the better they could implement their allies into his strategies. And that seriousness carried into their adult life.

That could be an interesting character. And the whole thing was designed while I was writing this article. Hopefully this brainstorming method helps YOU create an interesting character.

How do you brainstorm and create your characters?