So you just picked up RPG Maker in the Steam Autumn Sale. Or maybe you picked up Visual Novel Maker. Either way, you are about to embark on the journey of making your own game.

You know you want Visual Novel Maker

You know you want Visual Novel Maker

This is a fun, magical journey. And one where you will learn a LOT.

And the truth is, by the time you finish your first game, you’ll have learned so much, the stuff you made at the beginning will be garbage compared to the stuff you made at the end. When you are new there is just SO MUCH to learn, that you’ll definitely wish you had done the beginning differently or done that mechanic this way, or whatever.

Because of this, there is one major suggestion I would make: Make a practice game first.

Ok, so it isn't perfect, but its a start, and it let me learn shift-clicking.

Ok, so it isn’t perfect, but its a start, and it let me learn shift-clicking.

With the practice game, make a small game, maybe an hour or two long. Use a simple story you won’t care if you mess up. Don’t try to make your magnum opus on the first game, it is not going to end well.

For that matter, you don’t even have to make an original game. The first thing I ever did when I opened up RPG Maker was remake the first chapter of Dragon Quest IV (and if you are using Visual Novel Maker, I’m sure you have a favorite VN you can copy to learn the ropes).

And if you can't think of one, you can always pick up Nurse Love Addiction, on Steam, from Degica Games. :B

And if you can’t think of one, you can always pick up Nurse Love Addiction, on Steam, from Degica Games. :B

This let me get used to the engine, figure out the basics and then have a better grasp of what I could do for my first REAL project, without having to think about any design elements. Which, admittedly I still didn’t finish that first real project. Or my second. Or my third.

I swear I’ve finished one game. Really.

But seriously. Learn what you can do first BEFORE you try to make that game you really want to do. A practice project is the perfect way to do that.



Oh no! The Steam Autumn Sale is almost over!

Is there anything scarier than missing out on a big sale? Oh, I know, zombies. Zombies are scary. And while there are plenty of RPG Maker MV DLC on sale, let’s take a look at the Pop! Horor City line!


First up, we have the base MV pack for Pop! Horror City!

Included is a fantastic new tileset in its own unique pixel art style! Plus 16 characters, plus zombie versions of those characters. And more! Enough to definitely get your zombie themed game going and at 65% off!

But what if you want more.


The pick up Pop! Horror City Character Pack #1, which includes 8 new characters in the theme of medical and rescue personnel.

When the apocalypse happens, we’ll need all that medical expertise, so add it to your game for 55% off!


Civilization may have collapsed, but the echoes of order still exist in Pop! Horror City Character Pack #2.

Featuring police officers and fire fighters, they may not be getting paid anymore, but they still have a job to do to keep people safe! Add these heroes to your game for 50% off!

Get these packs, and more, before the sale ends tomorrow!



Who doesn’t love the fall? The leaves are turning, turkey and ham is on the table, and the Steam Autumn Sale is on!

This means it is again the perfect time for you to upgrade to the latest version of RPG Maker, pick up all the new packs you need, and maybe even get started on a Visual Novel as well!


As with every Steam sale, it is time to tell you how little you can spend to get RPG Maker MV, the latest and most powerful RPG Maker yet!

This time, we’re looking at a staggering 70% off! That means it is the perfect time to buy for yourself, or maybe a friend or family member!


And if you are a fan of our RPG Maker DS and DS+ packs, you are in for another treat!

We’ve just released the RPG Maker MV FES Resource Pack! This pack uses the materials from the RPG Maker FES DS game, to give you plenty of fantastic pixel based pieces to build your game from.

In addition, it includes 53 music tracks for your game! This makes it one of the best deals even at full price, and right now you can get it for 15% off!


Is it time to branch into another genre of game? You love the storytelling potential of RPGs, so why not dive straight into the most storytelling driven type of game Visual Novels!

Developed in house here at Degica, Visual Novel Maker is the easiest to use Visual Novel Engine ever made. But don’t think the ease of use has sacrificed any power. Visual Novel Maker can make almost any feature you want a reality.

This brand new engine is available for 15% off!

Grab these deals, and more, before they disappear on November 28th!

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Greetings RPG Maker fans!

Today, we are taking a trip down the rabbit hole with a new tileset and two new music packs! Let’s take a look at where the path leads us.


First up, we have the Wonderland Forest Tileset from Sherman3D!

A whimsical trip to a land inspired by the works of Lewis Caroll, Giant mushrooms, card soldiers, everything you need to show how mad your game has become. In fact, your game is entirely bonkers.

But I’ll tell you a secret: All the best games are.


And as your game descends into madness, you will, of course, need some music to carry it along.

Composed by Murray Atkinson, the Wonderland Music Pack contains 12 songs inspired by magic and whimsy.

Be sure to check the samples on the RPG Maker Web store. You can buy the pack there, or on Steam! (VX Ace)


Not everything is whimsy and fun. Sometimes, things get deadly serious. And for that, you might need the driving power of the new Cinematic Drums pack! From Bittersweet Entertainment these drum rhythms will bring an epic power to your scenes.

Listen to samples on the RPG Maker Web Store, and purchase there or on Steam! (VX Ace)

Find the resources you need to make your game all that it can be, on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

Good luck with your games everyone!



This week, we have the Degica Games Midweek Madness Sale! That means a whole lot of deals on RPG Maker products!

We also have updates for one of our favorite MV packs: FSM Woods and Cave! Adding a few bonus files and sample map pictures.

header (3)

You can get both of the FSM packs on discount as well:

And discounts on many, many more DLC!

But the Degica Midweek Sale is also a great opportunity to pick up some games that show the full potential of RPG Maker games! Pick up a game like:

header (4)

OneShot is an amazing adventure puzzle game that relies on some incredibly meta mechanics and thinking to make it through. There is really no other game like it. You can pick up this unique RPG Maker gem for 33% Off Today!

Looking for something that uses RPG Maker to make an RPG to play? Check out

header (5)

Skyborn is a heavily customized RPG made in RPG Maker with a great story, fun cast, and cool airships (who doesn’t love cool airships). Aspiring RPG Makers could do way way worse than studying how Dancing Dragon games uses RPG Maker to create exactly what it was designed for, but without feeling cookie cutter. Skyborn is currently 75% off, a steal for such a great game!




One month to make a game. It sounds so short, but for all of you who made it, I’m sure it feels like a combination of forever and 2 seconds ago that you started your game.

That month is done, and your job is done. We had a total of 252 entries, and congratulations to every single one of you who finished a game. Finishing a game already puts you in the top percent of all RPG Maker users. Now let’s see how you rank within this group!

Judging has begun, and we should have a winner ready to announce on December 18th! Between now and then, we also have voting open for the People’s Choice, so make sure to go play as many games as you can and rate them on the page!

Due to this voting, we will by necessity be going a bit quiet about the event until the winners announcements. We will, of course, share the progress of judging, and link directly to the page to encourage people to fan judge the games they want to play, but in order to keep fan voting as fair as possible, we can’t do anything like mentioning our favorite games so far or even show off any screenshots from completed games. This means that until judging is done, there isn’t a whole lot for us to say about the contest.

Promote your game, play the competition, and enjoy the rest, we know you need it! Once again, congrats on finishing your game. See you in a little over a month!


With less than 3 days left in the 2017 IGMC, we have over 600 entrants but only 50 entries! Many of you may be waiting to submit your entry at the last minute. But submitting your game takes time too: you need to create an account, setup your game page, and then finally submit your entry to the game jam. There will also probably be a rush of users uploading their projects at the last minute which could cause server issues.

To avoid certain heartbreak, I’d recommend going through the submission process before the last remaining hours to make sure your game page is ready and submittable once you upload your final build. Fortunately, has a very intuitive interface for creating/editing your game page. To make it even easier, I’ve put together a quick guide on how to submit your game to the 2017 IGMC jam.

How to Submit your Entry to

When you’re ready to submit your game, you can navigate to the top of the IGMC 2017 Jam page <> and click the “Submit Your Project” button.

igmc 2017 game jam submission

This brings up a game submission dialog where you can choose from games you’ve created on to submit. If you haven’t uploaded your game yet, you’ll be guided through the process. You will also be asked to list Team Members involved in the project and which engine you used (both optional).


When creating your game page, make sure to follow quality guidelines here: This will make sure your game is easily discoverable for the general public. Note that your game page will have no impact on judging scores.

Once your game page is complete, go back and complete the Submission process. You should now have an entry page that appears in the list here:

A few other tips to make sure your Submission goes smoothly:

  • Make sure to include a downloadable version of your game that is playable on Windows. You can include a browser, mac, and linux version, but it MUST be playable on Windows to qualify.
  • If there multiple downloads on your entry page, make sure to designate which one is the version you’re submitting to the contest with a “IGMC” suffix. If no file is marked, we’ll test the latest version uploaded.
  • Please do not have a paywall for your entry until after the voting period is over. If we can’t access your download freely, then it will be instantly DQ’d.
  • Note that you will be unable to upload new files after the submission deadline UNTIL the voting period ends.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to post in the comments. We’re excited to see what the RM community has come up with!



Hello, my fellow RPG Makers. It is time for a scary, scary story.

There once was a young RPG Maker, who eyed a great prize. The IGMC had come, and he knew he could win. Thousands of dollars were his for the taking.

He followed the guides, cheered on his competitors (but not TOO much), and worked on his game. Things went on like this, day to day, and then he looked up and saw the scariest thing!

There was less than a week to go in the IGMC and he was only halfway done!

That’s right my friends, it is CRUNCH TIME!


Some of you may be at different points in your development than others, but from my own experience, I imagine most of you feel very very behind. This week should be a combination of 4 things in my opinion:.

Step 1: Figure out what needs to be cut.

Unfortunately, some of your initial plan might just not fit into the time you have left to create. Go through your plan. Start making slashes through anything that isn’t necessary. Yes, some of this will feel like cutting limbs off, but if you want to finish in time for the contest, it will really have to be done. You can always add some stuff back later for a new non-contest version.

Step 2: Finish what has to be done.

Once you’ve figured out what can be cut, double down on finishing the things that are NECESSARY. Make sure you really need everything you are doing. Because you really don’t have much time left for making content, and that is because you really need time for the next two steps:

Step 3: Playtesting


You need to playtest your game. You need to get others to playtest your game. To do this, it needs to be in a fairly finished state, and so you need several days MINIMUM to do this. You may have to do with less, but you’ll treasure every bit of time you can spend in playtesting. Especially blind playtesting with people who didn’t make the game. They’ll see things you didn’t see and give a good idea of how difficult your game truly is. This is because they don’t know the right things to do like you do.

Step 4: Bug Squashing

It is time to stomp on every bug you and your playtesters can find. Kill those things good. Nothing will sour someone on a game quite like a game-ending bug. Even if it doesn’t occur except under specific weird circumstances if those circumstances happen to a judge and they haven’t saved… Yeah, you get the idea. The more severe the effect, the higher you should prioritize the bug. I imagine there will be very few bug-free games in the contest, but you need it as bug-free as possible.

Good luck with crunch time everyone! And I know I can’t expect you all to sleep enough during crunch time, but at least try to eat well. If you have to, get a friend to help you out with food! Though I suggest if you can convince them to come cook for you, you should probably put them in your credits.



You’ve planned your game and kept yourself from growing it to big in the planning stages. Next, you’ve quick prototyped your mechanics to make sure they work.

So what do you do now? Use a systematic approach. Fill out the whole database at once, a tab at a time. Don’t jump back and forth. Doing everything of the same type at the same time will make you faster. When you start and stop on each approach, you are taking a bit of time to get used to doing that process again.

This also makes your database MUCH more organized, with all weapons of the same type together.

This also makes your database MUCH more organized, with all weapons of the same type together.

Is this the most FUN way to design a game? Not really. I know that I enjoy just doing what I feel like when I feel like it, but a structured approach allows you to do more faster. Of course, if you feel that the loss of fun is going to push you away from wanting to work on your game, maybe try to break each section down into chunks. Allowing you to move between different tasks, but still spending a bit of time on each one.

Everyone has to find the balance that works for them, between fun and speed, but if you want to finish a game in a short amount of time, you may have to lean more towards speed. Let’s hope that your speed gets that IGMC entry finished, good luck!



Right now, you can get a massive deal on just about everything RPG Maker over on Humble Bundle, but that deal is running out fast! You have just one day left to get a whole lot of RPG Maker, for not a whole lot of dough! Every gamer has dreamed of making their own game, and with this Bundle, they get a massive head start. So buy one for yourself, or maybe buy one for a friend or family member.

So what is included in The Humble RPG Maker Bundle?


First, how about EVERY RPG MAKER VERSION ever released. 2000, 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, no matter which is your preferred maker, you’ll have it. And remember, you have the license to use any RPG Maker resource in any other RPG Maker! MV may be the latest and most powerful version, but a lot of the older editions are still fan favorites of the RPG Maker community! Whether you prefer the simplicity of RPG Maker 2k3, the artstyle of RPG Maker XP, or the Javascript Plugins of RPG Maker MV, you’ll have the RPG Maker for you.


A ton of RPG Maker VX Ace and MV DLC. So much I don’t want to even count it. Each of these 5 main packs offered in the Bundle contains multiple DLC, with resources mixed among music, sprites, tilesets, and more! In addition, we are throwing in an exclusive RPG Maker DLC just for the Humble Bundle! With all these resources to play with, you should have a great jumping off point for any game you want to make!


And remember: Every sale of the Humble RPG Maker Software Bundle makes the Indie Game Maker Contest prize pool grow! And you still have time to join! Make a game and enter before November 5th! Even if you don’t win, don’t you want to be able to say you’ve made a game?

The seconds are counting down on the Humble RPG Maker Bundle, so don’t delay, pick it up today! Because wants it hits 1pm (PDT) tomorrow, it will be too late.