New Release: Future Fantasy!

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Another Thursday, another release day, and today we are hitting the fast forward button on Time Fantasy, to move it to:

The Future Fantasy! From Jason Perry, in the same style as his original Time Fantasy graphics, the Future Fantasy Pack is HUGE! Factories, Space Stations, Modern Cities, Cyberpunk Cities and MORE!

Over 50 new heroes! 12 new modern tilesets! 12 new sci-fi tilesets! Animated Sideview Heroes! Animated Objects! Everything needed in pixel perfect detail to jump start your modern, scifi, or combine it with the rest of the Time Fantasy series to make a Time Hopping Adventure!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

To enhance the Sci-Fi flavor of the new Future Fantasy pack, take a look at our Deal of the Week, Joel Steudler’s Futuristic Atmospheres at 50% off!


The Allure of Fairy Tales

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So often, when we start making a fantasy game, or at least this is true when I start making a fantasy game, the first thing we jump to is a semi-realistic, grounded fantasy. There is magic, but the everyday logic of the real world still prevails. Magic is something a bit like the technology of today. A tool, rather than something that permeates the very fabric of the world.

The recent release of Fairy Tales, from Ayato Sound Create, has got me thinking about the other type of fantasy.

Fairy Tales. I mean, maybe not the same kind of fairy tales where little girls grandmas get eaten by wolves, but the logic of fairy tales.

Fairy tale logic is an interesting take on the magic world. Where things don’t work on logical sense, but rely on a bit of whimsy and narrative convenience.

But isn’t this one way a world truly permeated with magic might behave? If a world ran entirely on belief, maybe a man could actually leap to the moon if he had a reason to believe he could. And maybe he could survive there, and find some cure for a kingdom turned to stone by the Man in the Moon, in revenge for his banishment.

The standard, grounded logic fantasy has been done time and time again in RPGs, so maybe it is time for a bit more whimsy, a bit more of the fantastical. I know I’d be excited to play a few more Fairy Tale inspired games.

And the Fairy Tale pack can definitely get you on your way with the sound!

So what’s your idea for a Fairy Tale logic plot? What do you think of leaving the ground, and going for something a bit more unbelievable? Join us in the comments below!


This week, the release announcement might look a little familiar to some of you, but this time, the packs are actually getting released!

The Fantasy Heroine series is back with Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 5! 8 new female heroes, Demon-Samurai, Ninja, Shinsengumi-fighters and more! Sprites, Front View Enemy Battlers, Side View hero Battlers, busts, facesets with emotion, everything you need to bring these 8 characters to life!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

FrancisForteVGM (Francisco Barrera Gil) hits the stage witht he Everywhere, Everytime Music Pack! In the style of 8-bit chiptunes, the 21 songs in this pack are designed to express the meaning of an honest life as a central concept.

“No matter where you are, no matter when you act: Have a truthful life, and die with no regrets.”

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

And for our Deal of the Week! 50% off the Time Fantasy Resource Pack!


You’re setting up your game. You’ve got an outline of your story written. You’ve got some ideas for your mechanics. And you’ve made a couple of maps.

Now, you’re looking at plugins.

Everyone, of course, loves plugins. They let you do things outside the normal confines of the editor. They can do a lot to make your game unique. But at the same time, one thing I’ve always noticed is that a lot of users seem to overstuff their games with plugins.

Doing this can cause a lot of problems. Plugins with incompatibilities. Feature bloat. And more. So each time you add a plugin, I’d suggest asking yourself these questions:

1. What does this add to my game?

The first thing I always ask myself, is: Does this add to my game? You would think this would be an obvious question, but sometimes it isn’t. It’s easy to get excited by seeing a bunch of cool plugins and forget to actually check if they fit into the design of your game.

Pictured: Most Novice RMers

Check back at your outline. Check your gameplay mechanic ideas. Does the plugin actually help you with any of those things? Could the things added by it enhance those things?

Does it add to the aesthetics of your game? Does the improved aesthetics match up with your vision of the game?

If you find yourself answering any of these questions with a yes, then you probably have a plugin you want to use, but let’s look at the other questions, too.

2. Can I do this without a Plugin?

Sometimes, things plugins do, can be done just through eventing. If it can, you might want to consider just doing it that way.

Remember, there is a good bit of power just here.

Eventing is a key skill for using RPG Maker, and learning to make complex events will make you a better RMer (it will also be a skill that can carry over into actual programming, and using other engines, as the logic behind events is basically the same as basic programming).

You should definitely flex those eventing muscles as often as you can. That said, just because it can be evented, doesn’t mean it SHOULD be evented in your game. that leads to question 3:

3. Is this going to save me time?

Even with things that can be evented, plugins are generally going to be able to save you time in doing them, as they can create shortcuts. But, as mentioned before, just stuffing your game full of plugins from different authors risks some issues with incompatibilities, especially ones that edit the same things.

Generally, if something can be done in the editor, and it is for a one-off reason, maybe only used in one dungeon, or just one skill even, I think it is better to do it in the editor. The amount of time saved isn’t that much, and you can keep your plugin load down. There are situations though where I’d still take the plugin. For instance, if it is part of a suite that you are already using, and you aren’t using anything outside of the suite, for instance, you probably won’t have incompatibilities (like using another Yanfly plugin when you are already using only Yanfly plugins), but generally, one offs things are better handled through the editor if possible.

If it is something you will be doing over and over, that saved time is definitely worth it. The time saved really adds up!

If working in this field is a major part of the game: Plugin, if you do it once: probably just event it.

Hopefully this will help you decide when to use plugins! What questions do you ask yourself when you are adding plugins? Tell us in the comment section below!


It’s the last release day of the month, and it’s time to expand one of our favorite music series!

From Joel Steudler, pick up the Retro Fantasy Music Pack Vol.3! 20 tracks and 20 music effects set to put you into the video game adventures of your childhood!

Get this pack to use with RPG Maker, Visual Novel Maker, or any other engine, and add some old school sound to your battle, dungeons, field, themes, towns, and more!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

To compliment the Retro Fantasy sounds from Joel Steudler, how about picking up our Deal of the Week: The Nostalgia Graphics Pack for 50% off!


RPG Maker Resource Pack Survey

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Hello RPG Maker fans! We’re looking to find out what you want to see in new resource packs! Please take the survey below to help guide us forward with new DLC!

And now that you are done with that, why not join the conversation below in the comments to tell us more about the resource packs YOU want to see!


New Release: Mythos Reawakening

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Something stirs far beneath the waves this release day. A horror beyond imagining… but let’s imagine it anyway!

The Mythos Reawakening pack from PVGames brings the horror of the famed Cthulhu Mythos directly to your game! 53 Tile Sheets, 27 Large Tile Assets, 140 Premade Buildings, 10 Animated Tile Sheets, 12 horrific monsters, 6 background images, 24 unique characters, and 12 preconstructed rooms ready to bring the eerie feel of the unknown to your players.

The Mythos Reawakening pack also matches the extensive Medieval MV series from PVGames as well, so you can pair the rise of Cthulhu with some old castles or even have Cthulhu’s awakening in the 1300s, a unique take on the Mythos!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

And to finish off our release day, let’s take a look at our Deal of the Week! 50% off Survival Horror Music Megapack vol.2 until next Thursday!


So you’ve just picked up RPG Maker MV in our latest Spring Sale (or you’ve had it for a while. I’m just saying this to plug the Spring Sale: 3 days left everyone!)

As you are getting started on the outline for your game, you realize: Man I’ve seen this before. This is just another Medieval Fantasy game.

Not that there is anything wrong with medieval fantasy if that is what you want to create, but it feels like 99% of RPG Maker games fit in that genre. And sometimes we want to do something different. That stands out.

I think I’ve seen this before…

So in our new Escaping Medieval Fantasy series, I’m going to discuss one tip for writing different genres. First up Super Heroes!

The Super Hero genre is really big right now in popular culture. With big Marvel and DC movies coming out every year, awesome video games like “Marvel’s Spider-Man” for PS4, tv shows, and more. Of course you would want to jump in on that, especially if you are, like me, a huge fan of the genre from when you were a kid.

So let’s go with one big tip for Super Hero stories that heavily differentiates them from Medieval Fantasy: The Dual Identity.

Super Hero / Civilian

Super Hero characters, unlike medieval fantasy characters are generally two different people: The Hero, and their civilian cover. You have to consider who they are from both directions. Not only why they want to save the world, but also who they are outside of being that hero. The best super hero stories, in my opinion, mix together the drama of being a super hero, with the drama and needs of just surviving as a human being.

How does your hero make money? How does your hero explain having to leave every time a disaster happens? How does your hero deal with any adult responsibilities when they are also trying to balance jumping rooftop to rooftop stopping crimes? How do the two bleed into each other.

Going back to Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4, this is a game story that understands it intimately. One of the things they said they learned when investigating how to write the story the rule that: Whenever Spider-Man wins, Peter has to lose, and whenever Peter wins, Spider-Man has to lose. This dichotomy creates an incredible amount of drama for the character. What does he sacrifice as a person to win as a hero?

So, always keep in mind the dual identity of any Super Hero you write. If you make it too much about just the Super Hero, you are missing out on a lot of the genre!

So what genre do you want to see talked about in this series? What genre do you gravitate towards when you try to Escape Medieval Fantasy? Tell us in the comments below.



It’s more than a release day, we’re also celebrating the RPG Maker Web Spring Sale!

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And for our new release this week, Ayato Sound Create is back at it again with another amazing soundtrack for your game. With this release, its time to drop the beat, with the EDM/Dubstep sounds of the tentacles battle music pack! 13 tracks of music that are perfect for a modern or futuristic popping game!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!


Time Marches on, so let us have our first release day of March!

What is that around the corner? What is that under the bed? Why did this happen? All the questions your player might be asking themselves in your game of mystery and horror, but you have to ask yourself, is the music asking the same?

Bitter Sweet Entertainment brings a new music pack: Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol.1, 40 tracks designed for mystery, suspense, and drama. With these sounds, your player will always catch that feeling of unease when they step into a crime scene.

Take a listen for yourself!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

And to perfectly pair with all that mysterious air, combo it with the Mythos Horror Resource Pack, 50% off as our deal of the week!