Welcome again to another release day! Today we have two new packs for you!


First up, the Pixel Animations and Effects pack! We know a lot of you are working on game using retro style pixel graphics, and now you finally have the animations to go with it! With this pack, you’ll have pixel animations for weapons, spells, status effects and more!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam through the links below!


And for our second pack we have the Heroine Character Pack 2! This pack features 8 school girl characters each with an alternate outfit! This pack includes everything you need for these 8 heroes, with matching character sprites, battlers, SV battlers, facesets and portraits.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

And for our Steam Updates this week, we have 2 music packs getting added to the VX Ace DLCs!

And finally, we have our new deal of the week! 25% off the M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack until September 20th!



It’s everyone’s favorite day, release day!


This week, our release takes us back to the 16 bit era, with some tunes that would have fit right in on our SNES! The Retro Fantasy Music Pack features 20 BGM and 20 Music Effects that are begging to be paired with some retro style graphics. Composed to evoke a classic feel, both in sound and style, the Retro Fantasy Music Pack is a must have for Retro game fans.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

Moving on over to the Steam Store, we have 3 packs being added for RPG Maker MV:

And of course, for our Deal of the Week, enjoy Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 2nd 50 for 50% off until September 13th!



Release week is here, and this week, we have the perfect addition for your Sci-Fi Game!


Following up on the fantastic Sci-Fi Music Pack Vol. 1, Joel Steudler brings us Sci-fi Music Pack Vol. 2! Twenty five more music tracks, fifteen more music effects, and one hundred new sound effects for your Sci-Fi Game. Combined with Vol. 1, you should have everything you could possibly need for any Sci-Fi project!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

We’ve also got 3 new RPG Maker Steam releases! The Sci-Fi Music Pack Vol. 1 and Skyforge Battle Packs make it to MV Steam, and the Modern Shop Addon for VX Ace hits the store as well!

And finally, we have our new deal of the week! 50% off the Fantasy Historica Music Pack until September 6th!



Another Thursday, another week of releases! This week, we have a single new pack for you to check out. So let’s get right into it!


As August comes to an end and September begins, the seasons begin to change, and with that change, let’s look at an expansion to the Town Of Seasons tileset with Town of Seasons Interiors!

Town of Seasons Interiors includes a Tile A2, A4, and B-E sets designed to expand on the original Town of Seasons style, giving you everything you need to make the insides maps for a cozy cabin, or a luxurious home!

Head on over to the store page to learn more!

We also have two fan favorite music pack DLC making their way to Steam MV this week: Inspirational Vol.4 and the Modern Music Mega-Pack!

And finally, the return of the Deal of the Week, with Katakura Hibiki’s MV Monsters Vol 1 for 50% off until next Thursday!



RPG Maker Web Summer Sale! + New Releases!

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It’s time for everyone’s favorite day of the week: RELEASE DAY, But not only is it release day, it’s the start of the RPG Maker MV Summer Sale!


Enjoy massive discounts throughout the store, in addition to two new packs!

So let’s see what those two new packs are!


Game developers second most favorite historical place and time to set their games (after medieval Europe), is quite clearly the past of Japan. And while we’ve always had plenty of materials for MV to get that western Medieval look, now its time to get started the look of the East with Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles! This set includes Interior and Exterior tiles to create your own Japanese inspired castles, so be sure to check it out on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam!


Ayato Sound Create is here with a brand new music pack, and today, it’s time for something funky! Spicy Orange features 20 tracks ranging from Blues, to R&B, to Techno, to Latin sounds. Add a cool new vibe to your game today with guitar of Spanish Winds, the upbeat synth of cyber angel, or one of the many other tracks in this collection! You can find Spicy Orange, out now, on the RPG Maker Web Store!

We also have a couple of new updates for Steam! Medieval Expansion has come to Steam as an MV DLC, and G3: Travel Music is now on Steam as a MV and VX Ace DLC!



Check out these new packs, and be sure to browse everything on sale for the Summer Sale! Sale ends August 23rd!


Release day is here again, and we have two new music packs, as well as a character pack for you to check out! Let’s take a look.


For when you need to bring down the house with your battle music, Murray Atkinson has combined 90s metal with JRPG Battle themes to bring you the Annihilation Music Pack! 14 tracks + 14 alternate no lead guitar tracks, this pack will definitely bring energy to your battles!

Learn more on RPG Maker Web or Steam!

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (RPG Maker MV)
Steam (RPG Maker VX Ace)


Following up from Volume 1, Joel Steudler brings us the Survival Horror Music Mega-Pack Volume 2! 30 more tracks perfect for the zombie apocalypse, with themes for battles, towns, dungeons, and more. Additionally, this pack includes 13 Music Effects, and 30 Sound Effects perfectly crafted for the genre!

Learn more on RPG Maker Web!


Next up, we have the Eberouge Character Pack 1! Bringing the characters of the 90s Japanese Dating Sim to life in your game, this pack features character sprites and art for 20 characters, some with alternate outfits! Also included are 62 item icons and 12 zodiac icons!

Learn more on RPG Maker Web!


For our RPG Maker MV Steam updates this week, we have the next in the Tyler Warren RPG Battlers series! The 3rd 50 makes the jump to Steam MV, pick it up here!

And finally, for our deal of the week, we have some scary, scary bosses, with Medieval: Bosses for 50% off! (That is entirely too many legs/spines).



Release day has come again, and this week we have two new packs for you!


First up, we have Medieval: High Seas!  The newest in the now iconic Medieval line, High Seas takes your game to the water, and to the tropics. With plenty of materials for ships, tropical islands, sea monsters and MORE! Unleash the pirates, ARRRRRRR!

Get it on RPG Maker Web today!


Next up, the Nostalgia Music Box Vol.1. Twenty two tracks composed entirely of the sounds of the music box. Perfect for a flashback, a sentimental moment, a scene of childhood wonder, or perhaps even something a bit macabre.

Available now on RPG Maker Web and Steam!

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (RPG Maker MV)
Steam (RPG Maker VX Ace)

We also have an old favorite being updated as a Steam RPG Maker MV DLC! Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 2nd 50‘s MV version is now on Steam!


And finally we have our Deal of the Week! Enjoy 50% off of The Adventurer’s Journey II until August 2nd!




You had a power outage while saving your project. You shut down your computer to fast. Windows just decided it was the perfect time to do something monumentally dumb.

No matter the reason, the worst has happened: Your project files have become corrupted and now your project is gone forever. Or is it?

First of all, I’m going to give you some advice we share around the community a lot: SAVE OFTEN, BACKUP OFTEN, AND BACKUP IN MULTIPLE PLACES. Copy that project regularly to an external hard drive, to the cloud, you never know when a full hdd failure could eliminate your entire game!

But maybe I’m a bit too late with this advice, maybe you are sitting there going “WELL THANKS, YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME LAST WEEK” and now you are sitting there with corrupted files.

Luckily, you can still probably save a good bit of your files. To do so do the following.

  1. First, start a new project. Then, backup that new project (you can skip backing up the image and audio folders, mostly you just need backups of the data folders.)
  2. Now, go into your old project files. Pick a single file from it, now copy and paste it to the new project. If you are out of files, go to step 7!
  3. Open the new project in RPG Maker MV.
  4. Did the new project open without throwing an error?? Then repeat steps 2 and 3. Otherwise, go to step 5.
  5. Remove the offending file, replacing it with the new project backup’s if you had overwritten a file in the new project.
  6. Mark the offending file as lost and remove it forever. Then repeat steps 2 and 3.
  7. Congratulations, you have recovered all the files you can!

In general, you should be able to recover almost everything in your game. You may lose your enemy data, or some other large portion of your database. Or you may just lose a single map. You will have some work to do to get everything back, but in the end, you will be much better off than if you had rebuilt everything from scratch.

And remember in the future: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES!


Release daaaaay!~

Today, we are running late with toast in our mouth, and that is because we are releasing…


Japanese School Girls Vol.2 on the RPG Maker Web Store! As with Japanese School Girls Vol.1, Vol.2 adds even more voice clips for your game. 247 more common sayings, sounds, and short punctual sentences to help you bring your visual novel to life!

But that isn’t all we have for this week. We also have three music packs updated for MV on Steam! The Fantasy Adventure Music Mini-Pack, Magical Music Box Music Pack, and Zonderland all make the leap to MV.




And for our Deal of the Week, pick up the Seraph Circle: Monster Pack 1, perfect for VX Ace or MV, for 50% off!



Spriter Pro on RPG Maker Web!

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Release day is here, and we have a unique treat for you this week. Instead of a tileset or a music pack, or sprites, today we are adding a new tool to the RPG Maker Web Store.

Let’s look at Spriter Pro!


Spriter Pro gives you a completely different way to to look at making graphics for your game. Instead of building out in sprite sheets, you can instead put together 2D skeletons and attach parts to animate.

You can then export them to sprite sheets compatible with RPG Maker MV.

Head over to the RPG Maker Web Store to learn more!

In addition to the pieces that come with Spriter Pro itself, we also have 3 full DLC packs for Spriter Pro ready for you to bring to your game:


The RPG Heroes Animated Art Pack for making Sprites, Facesets, and Busts for all your characters.


The RPG Worldmaker Environment Pack for putting together all  your environments.


And the Game Effects Animated Art Pack for all your skill animations!

In addition to the Spriter Pro RPG Maker Web Store release, we also have more packs hitting the Steam store! Tyler Warren RTP Redesign 1 and Futuristic Atmospheres hit Steam as MV DLCs today!


Futuristic Atmopsheres

And finally, our last bit of news! What will be the Deal of the week this week…


The Classic Fantasy Music Pack for 50% off!