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A lot of people consider music one of the most important parts of a game, and with good reason. The right song in the right place can really bring the mood of your game out to the forefront.

So today, I’m going to introduce you to the works of Aakaash Rao(aka Joerao), an amazing musician who has made a number of tracks for use in RPG Maker. Want to see why I call him amazing? Click the play button below.

Archaeology by Aakaash Rao

He has grouped together 18 tracks that are free to use here, and having listened to them, I promise that you are in for a treat.

Not only is each song pleasing to the ears, just listening to them brought images of scenes to mind. From The Storm, which evoked images of a dreamlike state of loss, to Pushing the Frontier, a driving beat of a song that felt like the opening to a great daring adventure, each song felt like it had a story waiting to be told with it.

One of the most interesting things about some of the tracks though to me, was the use of ambient style sounds. For instance in The Storm, there was this sound of someone stirring in still water. I really think these kinds of touches add a lot for use in a game when you can find the right spot for them.

If you find you can’t get enough of his work, Rao also has an album titled Respite on iTunes, which contains more impressive works of music. He also does commissions! If you are interested in having some custom music made for your game, you can contact him at his email address:

Feel that this music has a story to tell for you? Share it with us in the comments section.

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