Battler Art Step by Step: Seven Sins, Wrath

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This time I took a slightly different approach, meshing a bit of comic influence with my usual textured rendering style.

First the description of Wrath from our internal documents gave me what I was looking for in my concepts: ” red, bulked out, classic demon, angry axe!”  Pretty easy for me!


So I just scribbled out a bunch of things in my sketchbook until I found something I liked and bounced it off of a few people.  After that I headed into the drawing.


So I took a few bits from each of my concepts and kind of amalgamated them together.  I ended up having to darken/thicken that outer edge line as I didn’t end up making it as emphasized as I wanted it to be.  For this I used 2B lead on smooth bristol.


I have a nice scan of some canvas brushed with burnt umber that I like to use as a ground.  On the computer, changing it to grayscale lets it work better with photoshop’s layer styles; at least in my experience.


I’ve added an overlay of a color I liked for a background and then highlighted a few spots on it with white.  This is kind of my roadmap of where I want colors and values to go.


Here I’ve blocked in my colors semi-transparently, I can still see some of the texture and value shifts on the layers beneath.


Getting a bit more opaque I start layering in some lights and darks on top of my blocked in colors on a new layer.  All of these still exist beneath the line-art in photoshop.


On top of my line art I make a new layer and paint opaquely onto that, fleshing out all of the little details I had hinted at in previous layers and solidifying the value structure of the character.  After I put a bunch of paint down, I make a new hard-light layer and do some light effects on it.  Then I’m done!

Download the final battler here

About the author: Michael is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Illustrator and concept artist. He specializes in monsters, characters, weapons, armor, and epic environments.

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