RMXP: Skeleton Character Graphic just in time for Halloween (mini tutorial)

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Hey everyone,
A talented graphics artist by the name of Jason Perry was kind enough to provide the following two skeleton character graphics for you. They can be used for your actors or NPCS. If you use these in one of your projects be sure to give credit to Jason.

Jason is also  working on another project right now which is going to be HUUUGE! Expect to see it featured here in the not too distant future.

Here’s the first skeleton graphic (Note: These are for RPG Maker XP)

RPG Maker XP Skeleton Character Graphic

And here’s an armless version

RPG Maker XP Armless Skeleton Character Graphic

In case you haven’t experimented with importing graphics before follow the steps to get this skellie in your game.

1. Save the two images to your computer (right click: save image as)

2. Open up RPG Maker XP and create  a new project (or open up an old one).

3. Click “Tools” and then “Materialbase”

4. Choose the Graphics/Characters folders and click “Import”. Select one of the skeleton graphics you just saved.

5. Left click on the white area in between the skeletons to set the transparent colour (so it won’t show up in your project)

6. Click ok and that’s it. You can repeat this process for the other skeleton and any other character graphics you come across.

You can use this character graphic for your main character or for an NPC. Read on to find out how to do just that!

RPG Maker XP Skeletons running around

Setting the skeleton as your main character

1. Click on “Tools” and then “Database”.

2. Choose your actor and click on the “character graphic” box. Select your skeleton character graphic.

3. You’re done. Click playtest and run around as a skeleton.

Creating a skeleton NPC

1. Go to your map. Click “Events” (blue box). Choose a tile to place the event (skeleton) on.
2. On the event screen click on the graphic box and then select your skeleton graphic.

3. If you want to make the skellie move around or do something then configure that in the options.

4. Done! The skeleton is in your game. Do a playtest and check out your latest NPC.

Anyways, that wraps up that mini tutorial. Super basic, I know but hopefully it helped some of you. If you’re hungry for more tutorials then I recommend checking out http://www.rmxp.tigerseye.uk.com. It’s got heaps of excellent tutorials covering most aspects of RPG Maker XP.

Happy Halloween!!

The RPG Maker Team


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