RPG Maker on Your Mac!

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Unfortunately this is not an announcement for RPG Maker offering a native Mac OS program.

Instead, it’s a fairly inexpensive way to play RPG Maker on your Mac.

RPG Maker VX on a Mac

Using a free program called Virtual Box (https://www.virtualbox.org/) you can run Windows in a window on your mac.

You’ll still need a copy of Windows but these can be obtained fairly cheaply.
It takes maybe half an hour to get everything set up (including installing windows)

This is a great alternative to a paid program which you may have heard of called Parallels.

Once your set up download a free trial here and get to it!

We’d love to hear how this worked for you. Leave us a comment below!

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  • Glass Moe

    “Windows on my Mac Bitches”

    Bitches is quite an odd name for a computer, although I’m sad I didn’t think of it first.

    • Harufan9


  • rapapipo

    y u no make native mac os rpg maker app so i can buy it.It took me months to get this amount of money


    I really dont understand why you guys cant just make it for mac also you will be getting more money anyways because people wont a virtual desktop product just use your software so if you make it on a mac more people can use and honestly I dont think it would be that hard

    • http://blog.rpgmakerweb.com Nick Palmer

      There are plans for this in the pipeline, but it takes time to develop.

      • Firia

        Verk harder!

      • Joan

        If we buy the windows version now, will you give us a discount on the mac version later? Or are we gonna get raked over the coals?

  • GameRage Studios

    Am trying this out now, will update on it’s progress

  • Reina

    ummm it says

    FaTaL! No Bootable medium found! System halted why is that?

    • Jess

      Hey, did you ever get yours to work? I got the same “fatal, no bootable medium found” response. Any suggestions?

      • k3524

        Odds are you didn’t load an OS to use. The bootable medium is referring to a clean windows OS.

  • DennisJRM1234

    Bootcamp… its free

  • david

    Please make a program native to mac osx! soon!

  • Charlie

    You will have a huge influx of costumers once you make a native mac version. I know i’ll be buying.

  • Joan

    Sooooo…. what happens when I download another program to run windows, then buy the 70$ program you’re selling, then, you’re new program finally comes out for my native OS. I get to buy the program twice?

  • http://www.sanctuarymedia.com Matthew Gudenius

    To everyone complaining:

    Here’s the deal — it probably isn’t very cost-effective or worthwhile to completely rewrite code just to make it work on MacOS. I know Apple has spent a lot of money advertising, and making it seem like every computer is a Mac (that’s the impression one would get from watching TV shows and movies — but if you pay close attention, you will notice in the credits that “promotional consideration” was provided by Apple; ie. they PAID the movies/TV shows to use Apple products to make it seem like everybody does)

    According to NetMarketShare.com, this is the breakdown:
    84% of devices run Windows
    6% run Mac OS
    10% run mobile platforms (Android, iOS, etc.) — about 6% of that is iOS (4% iPhone, 2% iPad)

    That’s the reality. And the reality says it’s not a great return on investment to try to customize RPG Maker for MacOS or iOS…

    • k3524

      ^ This guy, give him a medal. I personally have a distaste for Apples incompatibility with various applications, although I understand it. It’s an annoyance and frankly a bother. People realize that with Apple, you get reliability, on Apple. With Windows or Linux you get a massive community dedicated to the improvement of the products, replaceable hardware which leads to longer sustainability of a machine, and convenience.

  • David

    it actually is very hard to make it on a mac they would have to re write all the code (which is a lot) and then publish it if making diffrent versions of games were that easy every game on the pc would be for the mac.

  • Jason

    Lol. Just go get Crossover. It makes thing a hell of alot easier. That or be like me and have Crossover, Virtualbox, and Parallels Desktop.

  • http://anonymousgreetings.tumblr.com miscat

    Actually, you can just use the CrossOver Games app for the MAC. Its basically does the same thing as virtual box; allows you to play PC games. If im correct, you can also get it for free.

  • Wolf

    It keeps saying “No bootable Information Found! System Halted”
    I am using this on mac and i set it to Windows XP. I selected all the recommended options and i dont know what to do

  • Deanna

    PLEASE MAKE A MAC VERSION!!! The windows is taking up a LOT of my memory, and I’m working on a major game…… plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • wewantadmgfile

    Make a mac native please..

  • ru3en

    Yes, please make a mac native one ^^

  • http://youtube.com/jessbmccoy JessBMcCoy

    Just another comment begging for a native Mac version here, move along.

  • thespartanhound

    It slightly disgusts me when people talk of RPG maker raking them over the coals? This is not an expensive program. Be realistic and fair, these people work hard to make a game engine and it allows you the chance to make commercial games. These cats are constantly making new updates, new resources, scripts , music etc… to help improve it, but they need to eat and pay bills like everyone else. You get games like wow that you pay 14.99 a month to just play and you still have to buy expansion packs. Even this is not bad, because they have to pay their bills too.

  • Zepr0s

    Two words: WineSkin Wrapper. Srsly. Why even bother virtual box or boot camp, youd just be buying windowz eww.

  • http://youtube.com Anonymous Ninja

    I’m attempting this, and I think it’s fine. The memory thing is a major problem, but I believe this is the best way to sell their products to mac users quickly. Re-writing the code would be a nightmare, so thank god all they have to do is point us in the direction of another software.