Creating Tiles Part 1

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Guide to Creating Tiles in RMVX-Ace Style
by Lunarea

Part 1: Tools

RMVX-Ace tiles are created through a process of digital painting. This process is different from traditional pixel art, both in terms of technique and in tool requirements.

We will go over the tools you will need to create tiles in this tutorial:

  • Art program with transparent background, brushes and ability to save in .png format (examples: Photoshop, GIMP)
  • A hard round brush and a soft round brush
  • A 32×32 pixel grid, created through art program settings or made manually
  • A mouse or a tablet

Take the time to get used to making fluid and uninterrupted lines with the mouse or tablet. Practice drawing curves as well as straight lines (see PDF for examples of shapes).

Read the full tutorial by downloading the PDF here!

Part 2 will cover RMVX-Ace’s perspective, object depth and object edges/outlines.

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  • light487

    Will be eagerly awaiting the next tutorial. I personally use GIMP as I am not a professional and can’t justify the cost of PS or even the CreativeCloud. I’d be interested to see the kind of techniques you are using in practical terms, lots of screenshots etc..

    The hardest part for me is curves.. if I use the curve or circle tools, I find they give too much of a hard edge or is too perfect… so I need to use the softbrushes to fix up the perfection and make it a little imperfect.

    I find that curves drawn in certain directions are easier than other directions.. like if I draw an arc starting from the bottom of a square to the right of a square, I find it harder than if I drew the same arc from the right of the square to the bottom of the square.., hope that makes sense. I am using only a mouse though.

  • Reyx

    I’d recommend a 16×16 grid because it’s a lot easier to work with symmetric stuff or when making walls (the ones in layer A).

    • While I don’t do art stuff myself, I do think that the 16×16 pixel grid is a HUGE advantage for doing autotiles due to how they are constructed.

    • I will be covering my method for creating auto-tiles in the last part of the tutorial. I still use a 32×32 pixel grid with it. 🙂

  • BOB

    Use the pencil tool to save yourself from grief, as you have to do this on a subatomic level, pixel by pixel and the brush tool is wrong, it doesn’t do pixels well, as it has a feathering effect and that is not what you want and is a pain. and curves by the way are built up bit by bit. and are always jagged when magnified. the jaggedness goes away once its reduced in size when you use it in RPG.

    • This is about making RTP style tiles.

      The RTP is not pixel work, its painted. As such the brush is what you want to use.

  • Oh ! The size of tiles is 32X32. I have a question what is size of items in the RPG make VXA ? There are someone can help me?

  • vector

    will this work in rpg maker xp

    • XP Has a different autotile setup, but a lot of the basics should be similar.