Creating Tiles Part 1

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Guide to Creating Tiles in RMVX-Ace Style
by Lunarea

Part 1: Tools

RMVX-Ace tiles are created through a process of digital painting. This process is different from traditional pixel art, both in terms of technique and in tool requirements.

We will go over the tools you will need to create tiles in this tutorial:

  • Art program with transparent background, brushes and ability to save in .png format (examples: Photoshop, GIMP)
  • A hard round brush and a soft round brush
  • A 32×32 pixel grid, created through art program settings or made manually
  • A mouse or a tablet

Take the time to get used to making fluid and uninterrupted lines with the mouse or tablet. Practice drawing curves as well as straight lines (see PDF for examples of shapes).

Read the full tutorial by downloading the PDF here!

Part 2 will cover RMVX-Ace’s perspective, object depth and object edges/outlines.

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