Creating Tiles Part 2

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Guide to Creating Tiles in RMVX-Ace Style
by Lunarea

Part 2: Perspective

In part 2 of Lunarea’s Creating Tiles tutorial, she is going to tell us all about the perspective used in RPG Maker VX Ace’s tilesets, a common perspective used in video games know as the Top Down Perspective.

Included in this tutorial is:

  • Discussion of what top down perspective is and how it is a combination of two real life perspectives used to create the illusion of depth in a 2D game.
  • How to draw some real life shapes in that perspective.
  • What steps that are needed to “rotate” a tile.

Read the full tutorial by downloading the PDF here!

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  • light487

    I have a question! 🙂 Am I allowed to ask questions? 🙂

    The front is self-explanatory but for the birds-eye, could you do a top-down view, then use something like a “map to object” tool to map the top-down to a plane object and rotate the plane 45 degrees, so it becomes a birds-eye view of the top, then just fix up any weird pixels? (hope I explained that properly).. would that work ok for those of us who are less artistic to be able to do proper birds-eye perspective?

    • I’ll be getting into the specifics of shapes etc in the next tutorial, but all bird’s-eye perspective does is turn a 3-dimensional object into a 2-dimensional one. So, a sphere becomes a circle, a cube becomes a square and so on. You won’t really need to use the map-to-object tool because the edges of the object will repeat – basically, you can copy/paste the edge of the object and with a couple extra straight lines create the second perspective to add depth.

      It might also help to look up references of how a 3D object looks in 2D – particularly pictures that show you the front view, back view, bird’s eye and bottom view of a single 3D object.

      • light487

        So you’re not actually cutting anything off (shortening the z axis) as such, like would happen with rotating on a plane..

        Just hard to get my head around this non-perspective thing 🙂

  • julian lai

    nice tutorial. very good for me because i need a lot of tiles but i have to import them. now i can make my own. Thanks 🙂