Creating Tiles Part 4

in Tutorials

Guide to Creating Tiles in RMVX-Ace Style
by Lunarea

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4: Shading

Included in this tutorial:

Light and Shadows

  • Light source in RMVX-Ace RTP
  • Shadows in RMVX-Ace RTP

Painting Techniques

  • Layering colors
  • Tips and Tricks

Using Filters

Read the full tutorial by downloading the PDF here!

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  • Perijoy

    Thanks again Lunarea for the great lesson. I’ve been interested for a while about creating my own tileset, this has been a great help :). Please consider continuing with making more tutorials, merry Christmas!
    PEriJoy ~

  • Info Web Design

    Very nice tutorial! I will use and post the game in my website.(

    Thank you, Lunarea!