Blog Feature: Final Boss Blues (I can art and you can too)

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If there is one thing that will really make a RPG Maker Game stand out, its nice custom art. It can be hard and/or expensive to get custom art for your game so the other option is making it yourself.

Unlike what people think, being able to make something like the image above isn’t about talent. Its about skill. Skill that you get from practice and proper instruction. I can’t make you practice, but I can bring the instruction. That’s where today’s blog feature comes in.

In his blog Jason “Despain” Perry, posts some of the best pixel art tutorials I’ve seen, and really gears them towards custom art styles for games. When I’ve read other spriting tutorials, I always feel like steps are getting skipped. They just tell you things like “Now shade the sprite” and don’t tell you how. FinalBossBlues does none of that. It covers every important step, even ones that are generally overlooked, like how to pick colors and create a palette.

New tutorials go up regularly, so keep an eye out for more great instruction, and don’t forget to leave comments for him if you have questions. He is very willing to help up and coming pixel artists by giving great critiques and explaining where things went wrong with their work.

FinalBossBlues gives you the knowledge to make great pixel art, all you need to supply is the practice.


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