Ace Preorder Time is Here!

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PREORDER TIME HAS ARRIVED! I know everyone is ready to get their eyes on that discount and bonuses, so just click the Big Shiny Button Below to head over to the Preorder page and read all about it.

Get that preorder in, lock up access to the awesome bonus materials, start planning your game (who am I kidding, you’ve been planning it for weeks haven’t you?), and I hope to see you at the early opening of our new official forums ready to wow us with your awesome project concepts!

Have any questions about any of the bonuses? You can ask me in the comments section below or send an email to!

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  • AMerk

    Just pre-ordered my copy, and I’m definitely excited. Whereas the $90 asking price was already worth what the VXA has, the very nice $15 discount and bonuses makes this a near steal!

    What is this new “official” forum they are talking about? And is that something they’ll notify me through email when VXA is released?

    • The official RM forum is something we are setting up right now. It will support all of the Maker series sold through RPGMakerWeb.

      As soon as it is ready, all the preorder people will be contacted first.

      • Nelneo

        Hell yeah! It will be a grand community surpassing even the great RRR and! Can’t wait to get the copy of my Ace and join the forum!!

  • JM

    Before i preorder, i’d like to know how the discounts work. I see the preorder discount but I have VX, wasn’t there a discount for VX owners?

    • Nathanial

      There’s going to be a very similar discount to VX owners. To be honest, I’d pre-order and get the freebies.

      • Nathanial

        “Very similar” is kinda up in the air. But still…

      • JM

        Oh, is the VX discount after release? If so i’ll just preorder…freebies =D

        • Nathanial

          Yes – freebies rule! 😀

    • JM

      Done! Hidden extra bonus ftw indeed!

  • David

    Pre-ordered my copy 😀 yay can’t wait

  • John

    What are the details for the “100% money back guarantee”? I am excited for Ace, but my expectations are a bit tempered considering the mixed reception for VX.

    • Nathanial

      If you’re unsatisfied within 30 days of ordering, we’ll deactivate your license and refund your money 🙂

      • For people who don’t know, Nathanial is one of my colleagues who works with more of the business side of things than me. So his word here is as official as mine would be.

  • Robin Porter

    Will the forum list the initial features in detail?

    One feature in older makers not in vx or xp I tried scripting in (and crashed when in battle because it couldnt identify enemy class) was stat up based on class, not actor.

    Would also help with my xp curve override.

    As for the XP versus VX, I prefer VX. Crisper sprites and look, but I did like the idea of faces/figures of the actors in the battle menu over a line of name and stats.

    • A lot of people in the forum have experience with VX Ace already, and can answer questions. A full list of features is near impossible though, there are just SO MANY.

      That being said, stat growth in Ace is determined by Class, so hopefully you will like that. (You can still do stat adjustment by Character using traits, but your base stat growth is Class based).

      • Robin Porter

        That answerrd the question.

        Means I can nix that part of my battlescript.

  • Marty

    I won’t be able to pre-order rpg maker vxace till either tomarrow 3/2/2012 or saturday 3/3/2012. Just to let you know I only buy the program with my direct express master card, Because that’s the only way I Can buy stuff online. I do like the program very much and I have been playing the trial and I like the progress that you guys made with rpg maker VXace. It is way better than VX and the old makers.


  • Paul Walker

    What are the rules for using these bonus resources provided with pre-ordering? Are they treated the same as RTP? (We can use them commercially, but only if we make the game with RPG Maker?)

    • Yeah, same as RTP as far as the EULA goes.

      • Saito S

        That’s good to hear. One other question about those pre-order bonus materials: graphics from the DS RPG Maker… I assume this refers to the first maker on the DS, “RPG Maker DS”, and not the recently released “Plus.”

        From what I’ve read, Plus actually has graphics resources for modern and sci-fi games included (while XP and VX, rather infamously, don’t). So I’m assuming that A) we’re getting resources from RMDS, not Plus, as the bonus, and B) the resources from the first DS RPG Maker don’t include much in the way of modern and sci-fi stuff.

        • You are correct, its resources from the original RPG Maker DS.

          I’m working on a possible project you might like though. (Real hush hush stuff)

          • Saito S

            Darn, I was afraid that was the case, haha.

            Still, despite how hard it can be to make a sci-fi game, I’m still pretty tempted to pre-order. The new features + the discount are pretty appealing.

            “Hush hush” project I might be interested in eh? Sounds intriguing, heh.

        • AMerk

          Definitely something I think would be worth Enterbrain’s time, to invest in a full RTP pack similar to the Samurai Pack, but all of it sci-fi related (I’d prefer darker sci-fi over anime style, but at this point any type would be fine). I think they’d see a lot of traffic from both the east and west, and everybody else in between. Graphics, battlers, charsets, music, I’d buy up a pack like that in a heartbeat.

          • Greg

            I’d definitely buy a sci-fi graphics/RTP pack. I really liked the free sci-fi graphics that Enterbrain put out a while back (on the Famitsu blog).

  • Knightmare

    Just pre-ordered and I’m stoked! I wanted to thank those of you who made this translation and localization possible. The extra bonuses and discounts were a very nice touch also. Thanks again!

    • I’m happy that your happy! Hope to see you on the official forums when we get things started there.

  • Kevin Knapp


    I was thinking about ordering the VX Samurai graphics pack with my Pre-order of ACE.

    Will the graphics pack will work cleanly with ACE on a Win 7 64-bit? Also, have you guys thought about offering any type of coupon or promo if we buy the Graphic Xpac with your Ace promotion? Then, we can get all materials you have to offer in one nice and shiny bundle.

    Thank you.

    • Samurai Graphics Pack will indeed work with Ace on Win7 64 right out of the box. There is a small option for vx compatibility mode on the tileset tab in the database but that is all you have to do.

      As for a bundle, we do not currently offer that as an option.

  • Kitsune Zeta (@KitsuneZeta)

    If my twitter activity today wasn’t enough of an indication, I’ve already put in my preorder for this and am currently working out the first part of my project (looking at scripts currently available, what resources I can get (including the VXAce RTP as obtained from Enterbrain, which I’m assuming will be unchanged), and making some maps with what I got right now IN ADDITION to working out the plot and structure)

    Hopefully I’ll have SOMETHING to show for April 1st… actually, make that April 2nd.

  • masterlobo

    Pre-ordered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Questions a friend of mine has: he wants to get into all this RPG Maker world.
    1. Will the bonus graphics be available later as downloadable pack or something?

    2. Do you need to own RPG Maker VX or RPG Maker XP to use the VX or XP RTPs on an VXA project, or is the VX RTP included as part of VXA?

    • Kitsune Zeta (@KitsuneZeta)

      Almost all of the assets from the VX RTP are in the VX Ace RTP, judging by the RTP obtained from Enterbrain’s site.

      Notably, the title screen from the VX RTP is completely NOT present in the VX Ace RTP, and ALL of the “returning battler” images have been redone to match the art style of the new battler images. Parallaxes also seem to have been redone in VX Ace. While tilesets have been split up into more files (each image paired with a text file), all of the tiles you have in VX seem to be present (I could be wrong on this, I haven’t looked THAT closely at them). There’s probably some other differences, but without VX Ace in front of me to play with, I can’t be certain.

      As for the rest of the questions… I actually don’t know. mostly because I’m not staff.

    • 1. I don’t have an answer for you here, sorry.

      2. You are required to own any maker from which you are using the RTP. As Kitsune Zeta said there is a lot of overlap tile and sprite wise with VX and VX Ace RTP.

  • Leira

    Preordered! Thankyou guys for such a fast release and the bonuses and discount were great!

  • Eric

    Mission accomplished.

  • Kevin Knapp

    Once VX Ace is released, does Enterbrain have any plans to open its doors to sell 3rd Developer / Art packs content for the RPG Maker community?

    I ask because I’m a published video game music composer that has Non-Exclusive sales agreements with my current publisher. I would love to offer you guys a polished and professional library of music for your review.

    Everybody always seems to want more graphics and sounds for their projects, so I just wanted throw the idea out there, ask nicely, and say please. 🙂

    By the way, if you ever develop or buy a 3rd party script for a fully developed side-scroll battle engine similar to Final Fantasy 4 and 6, your customers will beat the door down to buy it from you. I’d pay at least $50-$100 minimum just for that feature because I’m not a programmer. XD

    • I like where you are going with this conversation, Mr. Knapp. You think you could shoot me an email at I think we can talk about some business.

      • Kevin Knapp

        Nick, I just sent a response to your email with links for the content you requested. Thank you for the quick response.

    • Robin Porter

      New music is always great, when I don’t write my own.

      What wave synth bank do you use? I’ve found some good ones, and some really bad ones.

      If requesting battle systems, I’d like Lunar or Ar Tonelico 1 or 2 *wink wink*.

      • Kevin Knapp

        Robin, the music library I have in mind for VX Ace is a cross blend of orchestral, rock, and electronic / techno elements. I think the content I already have would be appropriate for fantasy, modern, future, and steampunk themed games. If someone modded the Ace engine for an action / adventure hybrid, that would work too.

        The synth libraries I use are: Komplete 8, Omnisphere, Ministry of Rock, Stormdrum 2, Kitcore, and many different plugins for dynamics, reverb, etc. My digital audio workstation of choice is Acid Pro 7 and I use Sound Forge 10 for mastering.

        • ei8htbit

          With all due respect to Mr. Knapp and his creative abilities, I can’t think of a worse fate for RPG Maker than monetizing it like some FarmVille app on iTunes. Part of the thrill of belonging to the RPG community is the free sharing of knowledge, ideas and talent to inspire and help others create and build from so long as proper credit is always given. This is a hobby for most of us. Expansion packs are one thing, but it’s such a slippery slope to start charging users for a different colour sword or a piece of code that should arguably have been included with the release of the game, chopping up the experience and wringing our wallets into a death of 1000 microtransaction paper cuts. If you want to commission your music to prospective users that’s your perogative, but I hope Enterbrain at large doesn’t “open up it’s doors” to this model and monetize the magic out of the community.

          • I’m not sure how you think that a music pack made by someone is turning into “death of 1000 microtransaction paper cuts”. It would be handled in the same manner as the Samurai Pack.

            As long as I am a part of the RPGMakerWeb team, I will never let third party commercial resource packs be put up in the store that are NOT WORTH THE MONEY. Any packs put up in the store will be fairly large, quality packs of materials. Nor will I stand by things being cut from the actual maker (which isn’t going to happen anyway).

            I understand your thoughts on the free share of talent and resources, but in reality, without some sort of compensation, there is very little supporting doing large extensive packs and without doing large packs, there is not a high likelihood we will see anything beyond standard fantasy releases. Opening the doors to quality, expansive packs of resources gives OPTIONS to both the resource creators (who will spend tons of time making these things) and the users (who want to see some things (such as comprehensive modern and scifi pakcs) that will probably never be made without some kind of compensation for the artists). On top of this, packs bought through our site will be required to allow commercial use, which appeals to a lot of our customers.

            I don’t think you realize it, but I’m an ascended fan. Yes, I work with Degica, but I’ve been a member of the RM community for YEARS long before I was considered for this job. I do understand the atmosphere, both from the perspective of the average user, and from the perspective of the resource creators.

            I promise that this will not become a slippery slope. Just because we are opening the doors to large third party made packs, does NOT mean that I plan to turn this into death of a million microtransactions.

          • Robin Porter

            As an added note, many of us don’t belong to any rmk communities at all, so we cant access most of the community content anyways.

          • ei8htbit

            I appreciate the all-caps sincerity, and like I said I have nothing against a substantial expansion, but the proof will be in the content i hope. Lets be honest and call it like it is; The trend of publishers charging (in this case) $90 for what is typically a $60 gun and turning around and charging $20 or more for the handle, trigger and bullets is a delicate shade of evil. IMO The compensation for content should be in the price of admission, not after you get on the ride, but its a business, I can understand why it is done – especially if there’s a market that will pay (like me). For what its worth since you mentioned the interest in commercial use I haven’t ever come across any finished games built with RM that it’s authors actually charged money to play, these are hobbyists by and large i think anyone would have a hard time proving otherwise. Having said that, RM is a magical product that I will continue to support, I just don’t want to have to spend an additional $90 over the course of its life to get the most out of it before VX Ace Super is released with modern tilesets and a built-in music generator;)

            @Robin the RM communities are a great resource for inspiration and contribution, and all of them (so far) are free to join with no term contracts or subscription required;)

          • Robin Porter

            at this point, i’ll be waiting for the forums. I’d like to join one… If I can find one… Hard to truely test play your own games when you know all the secrets :p

          • Paul Walker

            I’d rather buy a pack that lets me use the content for commercial products. I plan on making my RPG Maker VX Ace project at a level of quality so I can sell or at least distribute it on steam. I’d like to make something commercial, and the tool is powerful enough to allow us to make commercial products.

            The reason you don’t see a lot of commercial products on RPG Maker is because there are more powerful tools out there, and a lot of the users don’t come up with original content (Zelda and Final Fantasy remixes, etc.) Those that DO want to make a commercial level product also tend to keep their projects on the hush until it gets to a certain point.

            I agree that it shouldn’t become a microtransaction system, but content packs that I can use in a commercial project? I’m all for it.

    • AMerk

      I’m happy that Nick agrees with you, even though I’m not staff and couldn’t say one way or another what EB has planned for future services. For a battle system, I’m one of the few that enjoys the front view system over side view, but I typically wind up using Yanfly scripts to put in facesets versus a text-based system.

  • AMerk

    Responding to ei8htbit’s comment, there are commercial sites that sell RM games. One of the biggest ones is the Amaranthia site, with hundreds of games, most of which probably sell for $10 to $20 a game, with plenty of successful commercial titles such as the Aveyond series, Dawn’s Light series, and several others. You may not have come across them, because people typically choose to host them on commercial sites versus community sites.

    However, I’m still confused about why people think that this editor should sell less for $60 when it has more content than any previous maker, and the VX editor still goes for $60 as well. Granted, $90 is a bit steep, but you have the opportunity to save money now and get extra bonuses on top of that.

    • ei8htbit

      Look at that! I had no idea about Amaranthia. This whole time I’ve been in my own little cocoon assuming that these homemade games were created out of sheer passion and joy and craft. I can understand that people would seek compensation for the hours of figurative and literal blood sweat and tears they put into these little masterpieces..

      I should say that my earlier reaction was perhaps unfair given that I don’t know exactly how this marketplace will be handled. I shouldn’t assume that those who put the effort into creating these resources do so just for the sake of the community to enjoy, that would be naive.

      From that viewpoint, admittedly I would owe some of the greats like Yanfly, Modern_Algebra, PineDavX, ArchNessiah, Wij, etc. combined just as much money if not more than I’ve paid Enterbrain (or Degica) for the sheer amount of extra content they added to the RPG Maker experience to all of us for free. I guess there is just something really special about having artists share their talent to make it better for everyone without bringing money into it, everyone gets to be included, like neighbours lending a bag of sugar for that cake you’re baking kind of a thing.

      ANYWAY looking at the positive side of having such a marketplace is exciting because maybe it will promote a higher standard of content and encourage resource creators to contribute even more as they will be compensated for their time and effort with more than just a “thank you” (which they are entitled to).

      I also didn’t realize that Nick Palmer is none other than the legendary TouchFuzzy so really I’m just going to sit back down in my little chair in the corner over here and calm down’_’ If anyone has the community’s best interests in mind, it would be a long-time contributor to the community like him. I was going to make something up and say I got this blog forum confused with Zynga customer support with that previous rant but that would be shallow and untrue.

      In closing, here’s to marking another day off the ever-shrinking calendar to the release date.

      • It’s cool. I can see why there would be some concern. I’m happy to hear that you trust me. I do try my best.

        • ei8htbit

          Yeah, sry for teh greef – I didn’t step back to see the bigger picture. I’m totally relieved someone as close and familiar with the community is leading this. The more I think about it the more I’m really looking forward to the possibilities, I feel silly now for suggesting otherwise:P Thanks, as ever, for being the voice of reason.

        • AMerk

          Well what do you know, another mystery solved. I had no idea you were TF.

  • King Arthur

    Minor question since this wasn’t elaborated anywhere and as I have no prior experience ordering anything from here:

    Once I order VX Ace through you guys (Degica) in whatever fashion and it gets released, do I get a physical box + CD in the mail or am I getting a link to a digital download? Either works for me, but I’m curious as to what exactly I’m paying for. 🙂

    • Digital download

    • Paul Walker

      Only the Japanese Version sends a CD+Box. International versions of RPG Maker are Digital Download only.

  • Kevin Knapp

    Please bear with me on this technical question if it has an obvious answer. I’m not a programmer type of guy.

    Is VX Ace built in a way where people could upload a completed game to a service like Steam? Are there features built into the engine that allow the player to track and unlock achievements in a stand-alone game or game service? Thank you.

    • Paul Walker

      You can upload the game to steam, as it can run on PC and can be exported into an encrypted directory and stand alone.

      However, achievements would have to be evented/scripted and only run in-game, there isn’t any support (that I am aware of) that would allow you to sync with Steam’s achievement system. You’d have to contact Valve to see how that works exactly (it probably requires some coding beyond RGSS3’s capabilities.)

  • ei8htbit

    This is a good question! I’m definitely not the authority on this but from what I’ve heard it is possible to distribute RPG Maker games on Steam, however as a distributor Steam tends to be very selective and has a certain standard of quality/relevance that it requires so admittance is not guaranteed of course.

    Natively VX Ace will compress your working project file as a distributable self-extracting .exe package. As part of this you have the option to include the standard RTP resource assets (which will add considerable bulk to your file size but allows non-RM users who do not have the RTP previously downloaded to use your game “out of the box” if it happens to make use of any of these assets) and another option to encrypt the project data (to protect any custom code or graphics, etc. your project may contain) if desired.

    Technically speaking, there are no achievement features built-in to the engine BUT at the very least, it is certainly possible to code an achievement system into a stand alone game. This can also be done fairly simply with Events (the interface RM uses to simplify the process of telling your game what to do without any programming knowledge or coding required). You just need to set the criteria for your achievements so they can be tracked by the variables they are represented by and trigger them with switches once the appropriate conditions are met. This whole process is easier to do than it sounds and doesn’t require any actual coding (just good old fashioned logic and button pushing). This is part of the fun of making VX Ace your own.

    Alternatively, ModernAlgebra has an amazing script called “Quest journal” (available at the site) that was recently adapted for VX Ace and could easily be modified to serve as an in-game achievement tracking menu with all the bells and whistles..

    • Paul Walker

      I interpreted the question as if he were curious if it’s possible to have “Steam Achievements” with RPG Maker.

      • ei8htbit

        Yeah, he mentioned achievements in stand-alone games or through a game service so I think he meant either or *shrug* I noticed your reply after I posted (didn’t refresh my page I guess) so my answer was kind of redundant anyway…

        • Paul Walker

          No worries, better twice the help than none! Hahaha.

  • AstoXx

    Hey, seeing as the preorder price and everything is in dollars, can I still pre-order and stuff from the UK or is it US only? I know this may seem like a stupid question, but I’ve encountered this kind of problem before with other things, so I’m just making sure.

    • This is the international release, so yes you can.

      • AstoXx

        Thanks. Pre-ordered now. Can’t wait to get my hands on those extras. I wish I could time-travel…

        • I could use some time traveling skills at the moment myself. So much work to get done before launch, haha.

  • Kevin Knapp

    Thanks everyone for the in-depth feedback so far. I just Pre-Ordered my copy. Cheers! ^_^

  • Nelneo

    When will the official RM forum be open for everyone? This week? Next week? Tomorrow?

    • It should be open for Preorder people within a week, and will be open to the public a week after that.

      • Nelneo

        You mean it will be open for Preorder people within a week after 15th of March or this week?

        • Within a week of me writing within a week :P.

          • Nelneo

            Haha, ok. Can’t wait for it, but have to.

  • Luke

    Do the bonus packs include all of RPG Maker DS’s graphics? At least in terms of the kinds of graphics that are included?

    • It includes, sprites, facesets, and battlers.

      • Luke

        Does it include every sprite, face and battler from DS? Or just a sampling?