Today we’ve got resources that will satisfy those who like spooky and sweet alike! Get ready to create the perfect nightmare soundscape with Creepy Terrifying Horror Music and update your game’s message boxes with adorable additions thanks to the fifth User Interface Material pack.

First up is a pack meant to send shivers up and down your player’s spine.  Creepy Terrifying Horror Music contains 15 heart-pounding songs that can find a home in any dark corner of your game. Bring the fear of being chased to life with pulsing songs, or instill wariness into your player while they explore any abandoned buildings that they definitely shouldn’t be in.

Want to make that old mansion the player has to explore a bit more spooky while still feeling fancy? There’s a song for that. Bring a sense of loneliness to your game while your player wanders dark graveyards or catacombs, and leave them unsettled when the music shifts to a steady thrum telling them to run! Piano music has never sounded so sinister, and orchestral themes ooze with malicious intent in this pack.

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For those of you looking for the perfect window to match your cute game, look no further! This pack includes 40 new windowskins and 40 titles screen frames that would make a food-themed game look even sweeter with a chocolate theme or a western feel wilder with a poster or gunslinger windowskin. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, biohazard frames exist to warn all players of potential dangers they’ll be facing and if you just want a simpler windowskin you still have plenty of options in this pack from polka dots to Chinese-inspired filigree.

This pack also includes 120 new icons inspired by the windowskins to update your game’s UI and 8 new SD character images and faces. Get ready to add an adorable witch, a coffee-loving cowgirl, or even a bunny girl into your game, because once you see them you won’t want to leave them out!

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RPG Maker MZ is only two weeks away! And with it, two bundles that include a ton of new packs. Today, let’s focus on one in specific: The MV Trinity Resource Pack!

MV Trinity is coming to consoles in English soon, and with it, a ton of new resources! New characters, new enemies, new tiles, and new music… But what about for PC? Don’t worry, this pack will give you all the new resources the console version has, all at your fingertips and with the power of MZ.

First up in our Preview, let’s look at 4 of the cover characters for Trinity!

Carol the Hero, Sakura the Ninja, Avend the Armored Knight, and Shun the Martial artist are just 4 of the new heroes the Trinity Pack will unleash into your projects!

But what will they fight? Trinity also adds a plethora of new enemies and new battlebacks to fight them on, all with new themes like Ancient Egypt…

… and Historical Japan! (and more)

To explore those new themes, you will of course need a whole lot of new tiles, and MV Trinity has that in spades! The MV Trinity Resource Pack has 133 pages of tiles! While some ground and wall tiles are from MV, new tiles abound, and will give you everything you need to fill out maps in those new themes, and more!

This is only a small selection of the many many tiles that are coming your way with the MV Trinity Resource Pack!

The MV Trinity Resource Pack includes all this and so much more. Parallaxes, Title Screens, Music, Sound Effects…

Be sure to pick up Bundle or Bundle S to get all the MV Trinity goodies, or purchase the pack as a standalone DLC on August 20th.

Database ConVerter MV compatible with MZ!

Looking for even more RPG Maker MZ news? Look no further.

The Database ConVerter MV, used to convert your database into a spreadsheet, incredibly useful for batch editing, will be compatible with MZ!

You can learn more about the Database ConVerter here!


The last Release day of July! And the Curse continues… The Cursed Kingdoms series that is. Two more packs in the Cursed Kingdoms line, and then another User Interface Set comes your way!

Your Cursed Kingdoms need equally Cursed Monsters, and that is what the Cursed Kingdoms Monster Pack brings! 17 new hellish and abyssal new monsters from Michael Galefire, perfect for inhabiting the dungeons made with the Cursed Kingdoms Dungeon Tiles.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And to further enhance the Cursed Kingdoms series, it’s time to bring a Dark Fantasy atmosphere with the Cursed Kingdoms Music Pack. Joel Steudler combines ancient folk with metal guitar to create a unique dark medieval sound. Includes 20 tracks, and 13 Music Effects.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And to finish out our releases for the day, something a… bit different. User Interface Material 4 is here! 40 more windowskins, 40 more title screen frames, 120 new bonus icons, 8 new character faces/full body arts. Enhance the UI of your game today!

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We’ve talked a little bit about RPG Maker MZ‘s Time Progress Battle System, which has some similarities to the popular ATB system that was used in a certain, very popular game series, but today, let’s take a closer look at it.

Specifically, we’re gonna ask the burning question: What is a Turn in the TPBS?

First, let’s look at what the game looks at to determine how fast the bars should fill. Every Character (Actor and Enemy) has a TPB Speed. The TPB Speed of a character is based on the square root of the character’s Agility.

The character in a fight that has the highest TPB Speed, is given a Charge Time of 4 seconds. This will be the fastest any character will charge in the fight. Every other character in the fight has their bar fill at a rate that is relative to the highest TPB Speed based on their own TPB Speed.

So, how does the game determine turns? The answer is: It depends. There are two types of turn counts, and they are used in different cases:

Individual Turn Count

This is a turn count that is individual to each character in the battle. It is pretty straightforward: How many turns has this character taken.

If you have taken 3 turns and you are just starting a new one, it is your 4th turn.

This turn count is used for most processes, such as status effect durations and enemy action patterns.

Battle Turn Count

This is the turn count for the battle itself. It is handled a little differently.

The Battle Turn count is equal to the Individual Turn Count of the enemy who has taken the most turns.

This turn count is used for Battle Events.

So that answers the most common question, but let’s look at a few more commonly asked questions!


How is the amount of charge in the bar at the beginning of battle determined?
During a normal battle start, each character is given a random amount of their bar between 0 and 50%. In the case of surprise and ambush, the side with advantage starts with 100% in their bars.

Can you switch characters if multiple characters’ turns are up?
Yes, you can switch actors using the cancel button.

Can you set a “Casting Time” for skills?
Yes, skills can be set to have a delay between being selected and going off. The Casting Time you put in for the skill or item is used in combination with the character’s TPB Speed to determine how long the delay is.

Extra: API is Live

We’ve gone ahead and set the API documentation live on the RPGMakerWeb site. You can find it here!

Preorder today!

Does the TPBS have you excited! Then be sure to preorder today, through the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam, 10% off, plus an extra 10% if you own MV, two free resource packs, and a free copy of MV, and you can get started on your own game using the TPBS from day 1!


The Preorders for RPG Maker MZ started this week, and we announced a whole lot of new resource packs in bundles along with it, and that is the opposite of cursed. But let’s fix that, enter the Cursed Kingdoms artist collab series! A whole series of packs made to work together.

The first part of the Cursed Kingdoms release is the Cursed Kingdoms Dungeon Tiles! This pack includes the tiles and other resources you need to make a dark and twisted dungeon. Plus a new windowskin, 3 NPC walking sprites, and a variety of monster sprites!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

The second part of the Cursed Kingdoms Collab, Animations Collection: Cursed Kingdoms is here to spice up your battles with dark and sinister attacks. 32 different Animations, 10 physical, 18 skill, and 4 full screen will make your heroes and villain attacks drip with menace.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And for the final part of the Cursed Kingdoms series this week, Cursed Kingdoms Battlebacks enter the scene! A collection of 11 upper backgrounds, and 9 lower backgrounds, your eerie dungeon you made with the Cursed Kingdoms Dungeon Tiles will also have the eerie battle scenery to match!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

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We know you are all saving up for RPG Maker MZ, which just had it’s price and release date announced last night, but don’t forget to check out our new releases today!

First up, we have User Interface Material 3! 40 more system windowskins, 10 different designs each combined with one of 4 patterns, 40 Title Screen frames, plus 120 more user interface icons and 8 new character faces and full body images!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And for our second new resource pack for the day, we have Fantasy Field and Dungeon BGM! 14 brand new subtle tracks. Made to fill out the feel of fields, dungeons, or any other scenes where you want more ambiance.

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Last week, we looked at the generator, and several ways handling plugins will be enhanced. What’s on the table this week? Several things… but at the end of this preview is the most requested piece of information so far: When does it release, and how much will it cost?

Event List

Hunting down an Event on a busy map? Well it just got easier. When you switch to the Event Layer, the RPG Maker MZ editor now hides the Tilesets and replaces them with the new Event List:

The Event List does exactly what it says on the tin: It lists all of the Events on your current map. You can use this list to easily find an Event on your map, or just to Double Click it and start editing.

New System Tab Options

We’ve heard the questions since the tab was mentioned… What was added to require 2 System Tabs? What extra options will I have for my game? So, let’s explore the new System tabs for options we haven’t talked about yet!


First up in our New System tab options is the ability to toggle Autosave for your game.

Autosave isn’t right for every game, but it is now a default function of RPG Maker MZ! If you want to use it, leave this option clicked. If you prefer to stay with manual saves only in your game, this is where you would turn it off.

Title Screen Command Offset

So you’ve made a beautiful Title Screen, but you realize that the command window isn’t in the right place. Time to redraw the Title Screen I suppose… but wait. What’s this new option?

With the Title Screen Command Window Offset, you can now move the window around to fit into that gorgeous title screen art you made.

Item Categories

So in MV, we allowed you to remove parts of the menu you didn’t use. Don’t have Equips, don’t have an equip screen. But the Item menu would still have all the same categories.

Now you can turn off specific Item Categories in your game. Don’t have Armor? Don’t have it in the Menu!

Advanced Settings

And then we have the Advanced Settings, which include a heavily desired default function for RPG Maker: You can now define the resolution of your game without Plugins!

Easily set your resolution to the desired size, then adjust the UI for the perfect fit. Additionally, the advanced settings also define the fonts for your game, and set what fonts to fallback on if they are missing!

New UI: Mouse & Touchscreen Optimization

MV added mouse support, but the UI never felt like it was optimized for control with a mouse. That changes with MZ.

Every in game menu is now designed for optimal mouse and touchscreen support, with no sacrifice made to Controller functionality. Mouse control no longer feels like an afterthought, but instead, feels like a full option!

Release Date & Price!

But now for the part that everyone has been waiting for: When can I get RPG Maker MZ and what is the price? Well here is your answer:

Release Date: August 20th, 2020
Price: $79.99 (USD)


It’s another release day, and today we have a Tokiwa Graphics extravaganza!

First up we have Tokiwa Graphics Giant Monsters Pack S No.1! 4 new Giant Monsters: The Ogre, Chimera, Fenrir, and Thanatos. Each gets 4 variations, plus 2 walking sprites (Normal and Shadow)!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

Next up, we have the Tokiwa Graphics Classic Monsters Pack S No.3! Another 4 new classic enemies for your heroes to battle: The Lilith, Ancient Sword, Gimic, and Ice Elemental! 4 Battler Variations, 2 Walking Sprite Variations!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

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Last week was exciting, but let’s move on to something new! Character Generator, Plugin, and Coding Changes incoming!

Enhanced Character Generator!

The RPG Maker MZ Character Generator, on top of having all new art, has had two major changes to help you create the hero or villain you envision!

Offset Function!

First up, we have the brand new Offset Function. Move components up, down, left, or right to fit your vision. Bunch up facial features, adjust the way glasses sit on a character’s nose, move that hat to better accommodate your character’s hair, and more.

Put every piece where you want it.

Add More Gradients!

Easily add more gradients to eyes, clothes, accessories, hair, and skin color. You are no longer limited to a certain number of gradients!

Add a new row in the gradient png files, and the Character Generator will pull that new gradient into the Generator as a new option. It’s just that easy.

Plugin Manager Enhancements

The Plugin Manager has also seen a few quality of life enhancements.

First up, you can switch plugins off and on from the Plugin List rather than having to go into Edit to switch them off. Not a big change, but one that can save a bit of time.

Additionally, in the Plugin List, we now allow plugin creators to define load orders and requirements in their plugin. The Plugin List will then tell you if you don’t have things set up right!

This change should make adding plugins to your game more error free!

Additionally, the fields in the Plugin Editor have had a few changes, letting plugin creators put in their author name, and a URL, so users can quickly find the author’s site for help, updates, or just more plugins!

Event: Plugin Command Powered Up! 

Instead of a single box you type a plugin command into, Plugin Creators can now define their Commands to be selectable in the Plugin Command by selecting the Plugin, then selecting a Command Name from a dropdown list!

The Plugin Creator can also define Arguments for you to send Parameters to the command, making the Plugin Command way more powerful, and way easier to use!

These new changes to the Plugin Manager and the Plugin Event Command will make using Plugins to enhance your next game a breeze!

Rebuilt Core Engine, Editor, and Player

And speaking of Plugins, let’s talk about CODE! RPG Maker MZ has reworked the code for almost every part of RPG Maker. From the Game Engine, the Player, to the Editor.

  • Game Engine code entirely rewritten to follows current JS standards (ES6)
  • PIXI has been updated to the latest version.
  • Game Player Framework, Chromium, and nodejs have been updated to latest versions.
  • Editor has been rewritten for the latest QTEngine for modern hardware.

What does this mean for the average user: Everything will run more smoothly and with less hiccups..

What does that mean for plugin creators? Oh, we think they already know. And all the average users will reap the rewards of the extra power at the fingertips of plugin developers.

Update Corescript Menu Command

No more confusing copy paste process when RPG Maker has an update to update your projects! This one is just a Quality of Life upgrade, but a much needed one nonetheless.

When RPG Maker upgrades, all you have to do to upgrade your project is open Game => Update Corescript and boom. You’re done.


We’ve had another round of amazing RPG Maker MZ news last night, CHECK IT OUT HERE, but that still doesn’t stop the RPG Maker Resource Pack release schedule! Let’s get going with 2 new packs, both compatible with MV and MZ!

Create winding rivers, peaceful forests, quaint cabins, and busy mines with the Country Woods Base Pack. 13 tile sheets, both inner and outer, to create a fully realized rural world. Also includes character sheets and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And next up, we have the User Interface Material 2 pack. Tons more windowskins and title screen frames, 8 new SD character faces and full body arts, and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or an Steam!

And for our Deal of the Week, we have the Cute Cartoon Voice Pack at 10% off!