Time keeps marching on, and that means another release week. Come everyone, to the future!

Adding on to the Futuristic Cities pack, the Futuristic Cities: Robot Expansion pack is set to add… well robots to your game! 17 unique robot designs with everything from small and cute to big and beefy. Plus doors, moving gears, and more!

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The Japanese Anime Voices series is here again, with Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.2! Another 126 phrases for a new male character. Give your hero a voice today!

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And for our Deal of the Week, its the perfect time to dive in on Futuristic Cities, 25% off to go with the new Robot Expansion!


It’s a NEW YEAR and that means the beginning of a whole new year of RPG Maker releases! For our first release day of the year we have two new audio packs to enhance your game.

First up, to compliment the Female Character Series, TK Projects has started their Japanese Anime Voice Male Character Series with its first volume! 126 common voiced phrases delivered with the skill of a professional Japanese voice actor.

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Next up we have a brand new soundtrack to bring the nostalgia of one of the most respected time periods of console RPGs! The 90’s Golden RPG Vibes music pack features 12 new tracks inspired by the titans of SNES RPGs.

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And finally, for our Deal of the Week, 50% off Fantasy Tiles – Elves!


Hi everyone, we hope you are enjoying the holidays! Today, we have some changes to a few packs that we’d like to tell you about.

First up, almost all of the materials by the Time Fantasy creator are getting an EULA update. All of the following packs are now allowed to be used in Non-RPG Maker Projects:

  • All Time Fantasy packs other than the Time Fantasy Resource Pack & Time Fantasy Sideview Animated Battlers
  • Future Fantasy
  • Omega Modern Graphics Pack
  • Pixel Animations
  • Old School Modern Graphics Pack 1 & 2

In addition, we have updated and fixed the OGG files in the Shrouded Wonder Music Pack.

These updates are on both Steam and on RPGMakerWeb. Steam should automatically update your files, for the RPGMakerWeb Store, please sign into your account and redownload the packs!


It’s Boxing Day! But for some reason they want me to put away the gloves and stop hitting people… Aaaanyway, it’s the last Thursday of the year, and that means the LAST RELEASE DAY BEFORE 2020!

But also remember, the Winter Sale Continues into the New Year, so you can still head over to the RPGMakerWeb Store to enjoy huge discounts on RPG Maker products! But enough of that, let’s look at our new packs for the week!

First up, be sure to check out the RPG Character Pack! 16 new characters with everything you need to build a game around them. Walking sprites, static enemy battlers, sideview animated battlers, emotion face sets, bust images, and even a bonus extra large 3600×4800 full-character graphic for every single one!

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Have a classic retro game on your plate that needs some new sounds to match the old school pixel art? Then the 8-bit Action Music & SFX Pack might be the perfect fit. 20 new tracks and 150 new SFX that would feel right at home in a classic action game!

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No Deal of the Week this week, but that is because there are deals all over the site with the RPGMakerWeb Winter Sale! Have a happy new year everyone! No new releases next week, but we’ll be back on January 9th!


RPGMakerWeb 2019 Winter Sale + 2 New Voice Packs!

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Tis the season to be jolly, and with the 2019 RPGMakerWeb Winter Sale starting, you have plenty of reasons to be jolly! Up to 80% off RPG Maker Engines and Resources. What gift do you want to get your friend, or perhaps yourself! Be sure to head on over to the store and see what you can find!

But its also… release day, which means two new releases are hitting the store as well! Let’s take a look at those.

The fourth pack in the series, Japanese Anime Voices Female Character Series Vol.4 adds 126 more common sentences and phrases performed by professional Japanese voice actors!

Read more on the RPGMakerWeb Store or on Steam!

But what if those characters got bit by a Zombie? What then? Well, in that case it is time for the Zombie Voice Pack! 146 voice lines to get your zombie game going from silent to terrifying!

Read more on the RPGMakerWeb Store or on Steam!

Check out these two new packs and all the things on sale in the 2019 RPGMakerWeb Winter Sale today!


Whats Up With the Blog?

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Hi everyone! For those of you who keep up with the blog, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself for the last week or so: What is going on over there? First it just turns into a white screen, and now it’s missing a ton of stuff from the last few months!

Well, trust me, as the person who writes all that stuff: Oof.

First up, we had a technical error that wiped out all our CSS and corrupted a lot of our recent blog posts. We’re still not entirely sure how this happened, but not only that, our backups were severely out of date!

We got everything fixed and moved to a new server, but all that content is still, unfortunately, missing at this time. If we’ll ever be able to recover it, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s time to move FORWARD, with an eye towards keeping more backups and getting more out there.

Thank you for your patience, and keep on keeping an eye on this blog for more design articles, release announcements, and RPG Maker News!


One final release day for August, and its a HUGE one. Five new packs to give voice to your game!

And by that, I mean literally, let’s add some voices to those adventures!

First up, we have our two Heroes and Villains Voices English packs! Nearly 300 voice lines, male, female, hero and villain to add to your game.

Between these two packs, you’ll have plenty to spice up your battles and journeys with plenty of common phrases to bring voice to your characters!

Listen to some samples and learn more in the links below:

Vol 1: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam
Vol 2: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam

But maybe you want to bring the Anime or JRPG feel to your game, an easy ask with the Japanese Heroes and Villains Voices Packs!

These three packs contain 550+ lines for heroes and villains.

Covering a wide variety of common situations and exclamations, these lines are easy to integrate into your project.

With these voices, you can easily add that extra JRPG flair to your game.

Listen to some samples and learn more in the links below:

Vol 1: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam
Vol 2: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam
Vol 3: RPG Maker Web Store | Steam

And for our Deal of the Week, 50% off of Animations Collection I: Quintessence!


Brainstorming Characters

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With the Original Character Contest II still ongoing, I started thinking about how to make interesting characters. So I’ve decided to share with you one method I use to brainstorm new ones.

First thing I do is grab an index card. Then, I think of a single word that describes some archetype of character. It could be a fantasy “class” like warrior, or mage. Or it could be a group of people, say “nerd” or “jock”. Or if you are a complete weeb, you could even write anime personality types like “tsundere” or “yandere”.

Write that word at the top of the index card. I’m just going to go with “Warrior”

Next up, I’m going to take three lines, and in those three lines I’m going to put three things about his personality that are things that you would expect from the keyword (in this case warrior). The point here is to go “Ok, so what does a “warrior” mean?”.

So I think it over, and I add my three lines:

  • Will never back down from a fight.
  • Incredibly serious.
  • Very tactical thinker

Now that we’ve come up with 3 traits that support the archetype word, it’s time to make the character a little less stereotypical. Take one line, and describe something about the character that is very different than you would expect.

For my warrior I’m going to go with “Can’t do magic, but still knows a whole lot about the arcane.”

Now I come up with two more things. One is the characters goal, the other is their downfall.

For the goal, I try to think of what the character wants out of life. What would make them happy. This doesn’t have to be something they even know would make them happy. Just where they would need to be in life to be satisfied.

For our example warrior I’m going to put: “Become a renowned General.”

Next up, we have the downfall. This is some trait the character has that gets them in trouble. It doesn’t have to be a negative trait, just a trait that will often cause problems for them.

I’m going to go with “Overworks themself.”

Now I have a good bit of information. It’s time to take that brainstorming, and turn it into a character. The key is to take what we’ve “learned” about the character and put the context and background to it that makes those traits make sense.

For instance, with this character, we could make them an orphan that originally was adopted into a magic school, but they had zero aptitude. They couldn’t actually cast anything. They understood it intellectually, but just couldn’t make a spark happen. Failing out of the school, they fell into depression. Until they met one of the King’s knights, who took them under his wing, and taught them sword and tactics.

They took this as an opportunity to succeed, and they were never going to fail again. That is why they studied everything as hard as they could. Weapons. Tactics. They even continued studying magic, because the better they understood it, the better they could implement their allies into his strategies. And that seriousness carried into their adult life.

That could be an interesting character. And the whole thing was designed while I was writing this article. Hopefully this brainstorming method helps YOU create an interesting character.

How do you brainstorm and create your characters?


It’s release day, as well as the beginning of the last week of our Summer Special Sale! Be sure to check out all the deals, but now, on to our releases!

We may be still celebrating the Summer Special Sale, but if there is one thing I’ve learned from my online friends its that you can never start celebrating Halloween too early. So spice up your games with some spooky zombies! And not just any spooky zombies, but zombies you build yourself in the character generator.

Pick up the Zombie Man Generator on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

And while you are in the mood for spooky, composer Brandon Purvis has the soundtrack to round it out. A collection of 10 songs, some sad, some spooky, but always haunting, The Haunting Melodies music pack will set up the slow moments of your horror game.

Check out Haunting Melodies on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

But I mean, this is a horror game with zombies. Can’t be slow all the time, so ayato sound create has the perfect sound to fill in those intense moments! Metal. Brutal Crisis features 14 hard hitting pieces that will rock your players to the core,

Take a listen to Brutal Crisis on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.


It is release day again, but first, let’s have a little reminder that…

…. the RPG Maker Web Summer Special Sale is still ongoing! Up to 80% off everything in our store, from engines to DLC! In addition, we are running the Original Character Contest again this year. No art skills needed, so jump on over to our forums and become the face of RPG Maker for the next year!

And now, what you are really here for: What’s new today?

Ever wanted to do weapons with different looks in combat, but never had enough variation to do a whole game? Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack has you covered. With 12 Short Swords, 12 Greatswords, 24 Staves, 24 Magical Wands, 12 Axes, 12 Spears, 12 Small Blades, 12 Bows, 12 Flails and 12 Scepters, you’ll not only have enough to make a game, you’ll have enough to make an epic!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

These school girls aren’t demure, they’re ready to rumble. Battle Girl Characters Pack 1 hits the scene with 8 female characters, each with 3 outfits: School Uniform, Nurse, and Fantasy Battler. Each comes with a sprite, sideview battler, and emotion sets for their Uniform and Nurse outfits, and enemy battlers, busts, facesets for all three! In addition, you also get 28 modern/future backgrounds for them to explore!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.