Last Chance! Steam Summer Sale!

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Time is running out on the Steam Sale, less than 24 hours to go!

Over on our blog, we’ve been highlighting some of the amazing artists who make RPG Maker DLC packs, such as Murray Atkinson, Celianna, PVGames, and Karugamo.

To close out the sale, let’s look at two more amazing artists.

First Seed Material barely needs introduction, being one of the most famous Japanese RPG Maker resource creators outside of Japan since the wild west days of the early RPG Maker online communities.

And now First Seed Material is making packs for RPG Maker MV!


The Towns and Beginnings Tiles are perfect for getting started on your game, covering interiors and exteriors for towns, villages, and cities.


And just released, Woods and Caves Tiles takes the next step, giving you plenty of materials to make woodland mazes and natural caverns!

Together, you can could create a full game from just this pieces, but the future is wide open for more packs by FSM, so be sure to be on the lookout!

Out of all the resource creators we have worked for for RPG Maker DLC, none has been a bigger name than Hiroki Kikuta, composer of Secret of Mana, Koudelka, Soul Calibur 5 and many more!


The serene side of the duo of packs from Hiroki Kikuta, The Calm features the perfect sounds for villages, serene forests, and other bits of small wonder.


On the other side, we have The Fury. Marches, battle themes and more, this pack drives forward to hard hitting adventure!

Together, this cohesive set of packs can make an entire game of quiet moments and rolling adventure. So pick up both in the Hiroki Kikuta Bundle.

The Steam Summer Sale is an excellent time for us all to pick up the packs we need to finish up our games. And it is also the perfect time to show appreciation to the artists who make them. So thank you to all the artists, those who make packs for us, those who make resources for free online, all the artists who make RPG Maker what it is today!

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