Less than a Day Left, RPG Maker in the Steam Winter Sale!

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The Steam Winter Sale ends at 10 AM Pacific January 2nd, and that means we have just a few hours left to get some great deals on RPG Maker DLC!

RPG Maker’s default resources have a lot to work with if you want to make a JRPG, but what if your inspirations head more towards the older western RPGs? We have the series of graphics for you!


Pioneer Valley Games introduced the Medieval series to give the look of classic WRPGs, and they started with these two sets, Town and Country and Interiors.

Between the two, you can create a glorious medieval city for your players to explore! They also include tons of templates to build your own characters in a paperdoll style fashion, busts, sprites, even full art shots.




But the series didn’t end there. PVG continues to pump out more amazing compatible DLC, like Warfare and Knights Templar.

Add all the siege engines, fortifications, weapons and armors you need with Warfare, and then add in the Holy Knights with Knights Templar! Both include tiles as well as more pieces and templates for the paper doll style character creation system.


So check out these DLCs for RPG Maker MV, as well as the Engines, and many many more DLCs, on Steam now before time runs out!

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