MZ Preview #7: MZ Sample Games, Upcoming MZ First Look Stream!

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As many of you discovered last week, the Japanese MZ Sample games are out in the wild! And while many of you have downloaded them to take a look, we’ve been asked repeatedly if there are any English Sample games coming. And the answer is: Yes!

There will be multiple English Sample games, and today we are going to preview the first one that will be released: Wolf’s Gang by long time RPG Maker community member Caz!

Your name is Wolfgang. You are a wolfman. You live in the tower of the Dark Lord with all your friends. It’s your birthday! Your friends all throw you a party… but it isn’t all fun and games.

The heroes attack! The Dark Lord is killed. The tower is in ruins. Your friends are no more. What do you do?

What else is there to do? Rebuild!

Travel to many memorable locations…

…locate monsters to recruit to your party and army…

…and finally, take the fight to the heroes themselves!

Wolf’s Gang will be available close to the MZ release, with more English MZ sample games from some familiar names on the way!

RPG Maker MZ First Look Livestream!

Looking for a better look at RPG Maker MZ itself! Don’t worry, we have you covered. Join us this Friday, 4-7pm Pacific time on Youtube for our RPG Maker MZ First Look LIvestream.

Nick (hey that’s me!) will be exploring the engine, looking at new features, asking questions, and making some maps. Drop in to ask your questions, or just to chat with the community.

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