New Release: Sci-Fi Music Pack Vol. 2

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Release week is here, and this week, we have the perfect addition for your Sci-Fi Game!


Following up on the fantastic Sci-Fi Music Pack Vol. 1, Joel Steudler brings us Sci-fi Music Pack Vol. 2! Twenty five more music tracks, fifteen more music effects, and one hundred new sound effects for your Sci-Fi Game. Combined with Vol. 1, you should have everything you could possibly need for any Sci-Fi project!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

We’ve also got 3 new RPG Maker Steam releases! The Sci-Fi Music Pack Vol. 1 and Skyforge Battle Packs make it to MV Steam, and the Modern Shop Addon for VX Ace hits the store as well!

And finally, we have our new deal of the week! 50% off the Fantasy Historica Music Pack until September 6th!


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