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Hey, it’s episode ELEVEN. If you don’t know what is going on, we are previewing plugins, and also, investigating a yogurt theft in the staff kitchen on the blog. Obviously the latter is more important, but I understand if you are here to investigate the plugins instead.

Last time, Ralph, Eric, and our other heroes (and potential food thieves), expressed concern for our MV heroes who have gone missing without contact. Will we hear from them again? Will Ralph and Co need to save them, or will they escape on their own? Or maybe they just forgot to put batteries in their inter-dimensional walkie talkie?

Today, from Yanfly, we feature the Region Restriction plugin, a neat way to keep NPCs from blocking the path of your party as they wander through your world. We’ll also be showing off a cool plugin to enhance the mouse controls of MV, allowing you to make the game even MORE intuitive for the player. Also, we have a few utility scripts and then a video on Parallax Mapping tips!

But I’m sure you don’t want to hear me talk about plugins, you want to see them in action. Click below to check out the episode, then come back for the next chapter in our investigation!

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And now, for the case of the missing Yogurt. Last time, we learned that Ralph couldn’t have taken the yogurt, as his mood was entirely wrong for when he has eaten something delicious. And that is where I asked you to help. I think that, together, we can catch this evil, depraved, immoral, and inconsiderate yogurt thief.

The RMW Investigation team selected: >Examine Fridge

I open the fridge to take a look, and what I see is a horror show. When was this thing cleaned last? There are stacks of leftover takeout and tupperware leftovers, and a gallon of milk that I believe was last opened in the Super Dante days. As I move some things around, the vague smell of rotten eggs invades my nostrils.

In the drawer where I normally put my yogurt, there is nothing. Well, nothing that is mine anyway. I find a half eaten summer sausage in a ziploc. The label on it is indecipherable. I’m not sure whose it is.

As I rummage through the fridge, I hear a voice behind me.

“Hey, I just need to get to my lunch.”

I turn, narrowing my eyes to see what interloper is interrupting this very serious investigation to see Aluxes standing behind me. “Not now, this is an important investigation into theft,” I respond adamantly.

“Wait, is this about the pudding! I told Ralph there wasn’t a post it on there saying it was his when I found it! And I said I was sorry already!” he blurts.

“What, no. This is about my yogurt. My beautiful, innocent mango yogurt. But wait, you admit to being a food thief!” Aha, a lead. “If you’ve done it once, of course you would do it again!”

“No way! Anyway, I’m allergic to mango, see,” he turns his wrist over to reveal a medical alert bracelet of holy protection +4, with his mango allergy engraved on the underside.

“That is… that is the saddest thing I have ever heard,” I say, tears welling up. The emotion this evokes in me cannot be described. The pure sorrow. “How can anyone truly be happy without mango?”

“Are you… are you OK? Do I need to get someone, uh, I think I’m going to be going now.” Aluxes excuses himself, leaving with repeated shallow bows as he backs out of the breakroom.

Realizing I could not spend any more time contemplating the sad fate that was his mango allergy, I return my investigation to the refrigerator, I notice something crumpled up and what seems like deliberately thrown in the back, behind some kind of Chinese food that was beyond identifying at this point. A post it note. On it reads “Ralph’s Pudding, do not eat!!!!!!!!!!!!”. In the corner, underneath the frankly excessive amounts of exclamation marks, there is a rough drawing of an angry Ralph.

Could Aluxes be telling the truth? Maybe the post it was removed before he saw it? Or did he remove it himself and is now deflecting the blame. It seems we have even more mysteries on our hands than when we started. What should be our next step?

>Talk to Ralph
>Talk to Alex
>Examine Note
>Examine Post It

So what do you think of the plugins we’ve previewed today? Ever been annoyed at being caught in a corner by an NPC? Like the looks of those mouse enhancements? Tell us in the comments below. And don’t forget to vote for the next step in the Great Yogurt Thief Investigation in the comments here or on our Facebook.

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