Challenge: Re-skinning

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Knowing that a lot of our readers are now sitting around and just waiting on IGMC Judging and scores, I thought it would be a neat time to throw up a small challenge to occupy your mind.

One of my favorite things to see in RPG Maker games, is creative use of the base tools to do something completely different from what they are intended to.

For example, lets say you wanted to make a gun and ammo system for your Western style RPG.


Just change MP to ammo, have all characters have 0 MP all the way up, have weapons add to their MP, remove the regular attack from their options and add an “attack” skill that costs 1MP. Or have the weapon add several different skills that use different numbers of MP. Then add either a skill or item that refills your MP to full.

And Boom. An ammo and gun system that behaves much differently using the existing tools at your disposal.

And you can create a ton of neat systems that way by creatively using existing systems to thematically do completely different things than intended, and blow the players’ minds.



So here is the challenge. Take the RPG Maker default battle system, then skin it as something that has ZERO to do with fighting. You can either make the system in RPG Maker, or just explain how you would do it. Comment below with your most interesting ideas, link to your built versions.

Maybe one of you will be inspired to make a whole game based around a creative re-skinning.

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