A to Z: POP! Slasher Forest

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From A – Z: Pop! Slasher Forest

Pop! Slasher Forest is the newest pixel retro pack by the very talented Vexed Enigma, the artist behind the popular Pop! Horror City and its character add-ons. Like its predecessor, Pop! Slasher Forest has a horror vibe – it is, after all, inspired by the campy 1980’s slasher flicks like Friday the 13th. But upon closer examination, this pack offers quite a bit of versatility that makes it at home in other settings.


Pop! Slasher Forest includes:

  • 8 unique hero/NPC characters with a recolor option and down poses (for a total of 16)
  • 2 “killer” characters (clown and maintenance worker), including a recolor (for a total of 4)
  • 18 matching facesets with emotions
  • 16 animated tile characters (such as doors, flickering lights, campfire flame and window glow/lights
  • 21 Tileset files (A1x1, A2x2. A3x1, A4x2, A5x3, Bx3, Cx3. Dx3 and Ex3) which are divided into three main areas: forest, camp/lodge outside and inside. One of the E files includes decrepit or bloodied versions of furniture.
  • Pictures and Fogs folder include images that can be overlayed to give a more atmospheric effect – such as spotlight lighting or a rolling fog.
  • Bonus folder includes 28 character bases and 18 faceset bases

One of my favorite things about Pop! Slasher Forest is the attention to detail that Vexed Enigma put in when planning and creating this set. For example, the “tree” section features a surprising number of tree varieties – which can layer together wonderfully to create natural-looking tree groupings. Aside from a tent, there are several pieces of gear (backpacks, sleeping bags) that can layer together to make a realistic camp. And there are quite a few sets of furniture that are the classic furnishing style in cabins and camps I’ve visited when I was younger.

But what if you’re not interested in making a slasher game featuring a summer camp by the lake?


You’re in luck, as Slasher Forest features several elements and details that could be used to create a haunted manor or a classic infested home. If you’re not looking to create a horror game, this pack still has a lot to offer, as quite a few of the elements would work for a Noir detective game or even a post-apocalyptic survival theme. The addition of decrepit/bloodied varieties for much of the furniture gives you the opportunity to show the passage of time and works especially well for flashback sequences.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look into POP! Slasher Forest. We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Chime down below or join in the discussion on our Facebook page or our Community Forum.

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