Summer Sale Artist Spotlight: Murray Atkinson

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This time, we are going to check out the hard working and definitely industrious Murray Atkinson.

I’m not going to cover anywhere near all his packs. Cause he has so many, no seriously. So just click through the last sentence to check out any of the ones I didn’t highlight below.

I’m just going to focus on a few of his latest packs, but be sure to check out all those older ones too!


Spanish Guitar Strings is one of my favorite music packs we have. The perfect sounds for a midwestern style game, with fast strings and splendid tunes.


Like strings but want something a little more ominous? Check out Epic Strings, with harp, cello, violin, and more. These orchestral pieces will fit into most fantasy games.


One of Murray Atkinson’s newest packs, in the Heaven and Earth Music Pack he teams up with Otori Ayaka, a Niko player from Japan, to give us some wonderful Eastern set themes.


And finally, we have the Medieval Warfare Music Pack. This pack would be great to pair up with the PVGames Medieval sets, clashing swords and catapults raining stones down on their enemies.

Murray Atkinson has done so many packs, at least one will be perfect for your game. So check them all out, see what fits your game! And always remember to support and appreciate all the artists who help you create the games you dream of.

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