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And now for another Artist Spotlight! Last time we took a look at Japanese music composer Karugamo, this time, we go completely in the other direction to check out PVGames.

An author and artist, PVGames has been fiddling with games since he was a small boy, from board games, to text adventures, to eventually working on some serious projects in the last few years. One of the things he noticed along the way was the lack of resources for non-artists to make games, so he put his 3D rendering and animation skills to the task of making some, including rendering several 2D packs for RPG Maker.

So, are you looking for something a little less JRPG and a lot more WRPG? Something… positively Medieval.

PVGames has a series of packs just for you, set in a more grim and serious Medieval world, less fantasy, more sword and shield. Let’s take a look at the Medieval Series, a series which includes tiles, spritesets, parallaxes, and tons of component pieces to make your own sprites and facesets, with pieces from each set being compatible with all the others.


The first pack Medieval: Town and Country features pieces for making just that, Towns, Cities, the Countryside, and the people and animals you would meet there.


But of course, you’ll need Medieval: Interiors as well. Packed with all the things you need to make insides of houses, shops, and more.


Medieval Warfare focuses on the machines of war, and the destruction they cause. Catapults, ruins, banners, everything you need to show the war ravaging your world.


And with all the war going on, the church couldn’t just ignore it. Medieval: Knights Templar focuses on a wide array of customization for Knight characters.


But maybe a bit of western fantasy would be a good idea. Medieval: Dungeons takes you to the depths of the dungeon crawl, with tiles and monsters for your heroic characters to defeat.


And when you reach the bottom of that dungeon crawl, you’ll need a massive foe to face. Medieval: Bosses is ready to deliver, with 8 massive fiends for your heroes to conquer.

The PVGames Medieval series is one of the largest collections of art for RPG Maker outside of the standard RPG Maker style, and with these 6 packs you’ll have plenty to work with to build your game. Grab them while they are on sale, and look forward to another artist spotlight in a couple of days!

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